The Fault In Our Stars Book Vs Movie Essay

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Compare and Contrast
The Fault in Our Stars
Book vs Movie

The Fault in Our Stars is a popular, phenomenal, book written by John Green, that was made into a movie that is also quite phenomenal. The Fault in Our stars is about to kids with cancer, Hazel and Gus, who fall in love and aspire to meet their favorite author together. The novel was even number one on the USA Today’s best-seller list in 2014 (Minzesheimer). One of the most asked questions when comparing a book to a movie is which one is better. When someone takes the time to read the book, and admire the magnificent teen literature being held in their hands, the book is by far the better of the two. The book brings in more emotion, more characters, and a few of those minor details
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Maria. However there are two extra characters in this book that were unfortunately not put into the movie. Kaitlyn, who is supposed to be Hazel’s former classmate and best friend. She is Hazel 's person to confide in and gives her advice, and since they neglected to put her into the movie, movie Hazel seems more of like a friendless loser. The other character is Caroline Mathers, who is Gus’s deceased ex-girlfriend. There is practically a whole chapter dedicated to Hazel looking up things about this girl. She is what makes Hazel so afraid to get close to people, and especially to Gus, because she doesn’t want to hurt them, and in this case especially Gus because she would be his second girlfriend to die of cancer. Leaving her out of the movie was a huge …show more content…
In the book, Hazel is a vegetarian, due to the fact she doesn’t want to be responsible for any more creatures dying than she has to. This is in reference to her fear that her parents will kill themselves once she dies, also showing how depressed Hazel really is. Also in the book, when Hazel comes over to Gus’s house for the first time, they are told by Gus’s parents to watch the movie V for Vendetta in the living room, and not in the basement. Whereas in the movie, they just head right into the basement, no questions asked. In the book, it captures more of their innocence and young age by being told to stay upstairs, making it more relatable to a teen reading this book. Related to that, there is no mention of V for Vendetta at all in the movie. In the book, Gus talks about how Hazel looks just like a V for Vendetta Natalie Portman, and he insists she watches it with him, which was the whole point of her to come over. With no mention of V for Vendetta in the movie, it makes it seem as though Gus is just trying to pick up a girl. One of the cutest parts in the entire book, is when Hazel gets angry at the fact that breakfast food, such as scrambled eggs are made to be strictly breakfast food, as she feels it is unfair to the rest of the foods. It would’ve been very funny to see that played out in the movie, but sadly it was not. While they are in Amsterdam

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