Ethical Issues In Shawshank Redemption

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Unethical Business Issues in Shawshank Redemption”

I selected the movie “Shawshank Redemption” to do my independent project on because the main character Andy Dufresne goes through multiple character changes that have an immense impact on the movie and it is a great movie. Andy Dufresne is an innocent man that was arrested for his wife’s murder, and he had not committed any crimes until he got in jail which plays in to the movie’s ironic feel. Andy even states in the film, “I had to come to prison to be a criminal.”
In this movie, there are multiple ethical issues, including ethical business issues that can be identified. The first ethical issue, which I have already mentioned, is that Andy was charged and convicted for a murder he did not
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In return, Andy receives extra guard protection from the other prisoners who try to abuse Andy. He did not just complete the files for only the prison he where he resides, but completed them from multiple prisons in the area. Being a smart man, Andy uses his abilities to gain privileges that other prisoners do not have. He is able to have a staff during tax season when Andy begins to do all of the prison guard’s taxes and accounting. Andy chooses his friends to work with him in the library to complete tax season. This keeps his friends and himself out of the wood shop and laundry area. Andy’s accounting expertise is being exploited. Many businesses promote workers who are able to do different jobs. In the real world though, Andy probably would not have been able to choose his own staff of friends. The CEO or supervisor would have chosen his staff based upon who could do the best job based on performance in their roles at the …show more content…
This is an ethical issue of the biggest offense because a man had to lose his life for knowing the truth in a corrupted prison.
Andy at the end of the movie makes very unethical decisions to get out of his dilemmas. He first breaks out of prison and then steals back the money he stole for the Warden. This is the only time any of the ethical dilemmas get resolved when Andy writes a letter and mails it to a news station telling them of the Warden’s crimes with money laundering, the “free” community service, and the free accounting and taxes as well as the corrupt acts that happened at the prison.
This movie reflects real life in multiple ways. I think one of the biggest lessons that someone could pull from this movie is that there is a price that everyone must pay. The Warden paid the price for his crimes when he knew he had an innocent man in jail just for him to use Andy for his accounting skills. The Warden ended up committing suicide and I feel that was the ultimate penitence that the Warden had to pay in order for his crimes to be forgiven. People never think about the consequences of their actions and if they decided to then a lot of things would be different in the

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