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  • The Human Condition In Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice '

    It makes for a more organized experience in the rehearsal process and allows actors to take liberties with their body and the way it exists in a space. It also ensures that the visual art of the performance is not lost in the subtlety of interpreted meaning and textual analysis. For me, it comes back full circle to viewing a text…

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  • Fate Of The Furious Thesis

    "The Fate of the Furious" action film you've been waiting for and is almost a 9/10, sorry Roman you're still #11 RATING: 9/10 STARS: 5/5 Intense cheers, tears, and and a room full of many emotions was what packed a Houston crowd that was part of the 8 on the 8th screening of The Fate of the Furious. From the Universal logo that opens the film to the one that closes it after the movie credits, the pun "It was a hell of a ride" is not only fitting to the latest installment of The Fast and the…

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  • Examples Of Soliloquy And Aside In Hamlet

    storyline. Soliloquy and aside is when a character shows two different sides of themselves, public and private. Soliloquy is when a character speaks thoughts or feelings sharing them to the audience. Then for aside is spoken but not heard by the other actors but gives the audience usual information . An example from Hamlet would be when Hamlet was in the process of his plan of acting mad, which of course everyone believed but Horatio who was the only person Hamlet trusted, To get a deeper…

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  • La Land Film Review

    La La Land is not only the most enchanting, yet heart-wrenching movie I have seen this year. The music in it is a soundtrack you could never get tired of hearing. From the start of the movie, there is musical numbers and scenes that make you feel like you’re in the world of the movie. The plot is also one that takes you on an emotional roller coaster. Mia, an aspiring actress, meets Sebastian, a jazz player. They meet on a highway in traffic, then at the jazz bar Sebastian works at where he gets…

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  • Capitol Theatre History

    “Capitol Theatre is at the former site of the Belmore Markets. The latter, built by George McRae (Architect) and Norman Selfe (structural engineer) in 1891, but was commercially unsuccessful due to its location, being too far from Darling Harbour. The old site was rebuilt as a theatre in 1928.” Since the early 19th century when this section of land was used by settlers as a market place for manufacture and hay, hence its name, “Haymarket”. The building initially functioned as “Belmore Markets”…

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  • Hamlet Meta-Theatre Analysis

    is not exactly a new concept in modern times. However, in the Elizabethan era, the concept of meta-theatre was one of the first iterations of this. In a nutshell, meta-theatre describes the blurred line between the world and the stage, audience and actor, reality and illusion, seeming and being; much like the breaking of the fourth wall does today in digital media. In Hamlet, this concept of meta-theatre is depicted through Hamlet’s viewing of himself being in a play. Whereas he is truly…

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  • Singing In The Rain Analysis

    Many of the singing and dancing scenes were shot seamlessly using a single take. I assume that the camera is on a track similar to a train during the “Good Morning” song because the actors move from room to room but the camera shot remains the same and follows them throughout the set. Close-up shots were used almost exclusively for kissing and other intimate scenes which I felt helped the viewer understand the emotions that the characters…

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  • Critical Differences Between Foucault And Durkheim

    The Actors Society is constituted by human beings. Although sociologists seldom endow agency to individuals, they still describes some of the actions of the actors in their works. The two theorists here are French theorists, who have tendency toward bestowing less agency to the actors as most French theorists do. However, their discussion cannot lose the part of actors if they want a whole picture instead of a partial one. In my view, albeit Durkheim and Foucault are similar at putting less…

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  • Sleep No More Analysis

    commerciality than its own theatrical production. With its Broadway priced tickets, private event offers which include very expensive drinks and gift shop they focus on getting your money than actually doing their theater. It gets to such a point where the actors reappear and attempt to sell souvenir programs! The set design doesn’t look like a hotel and makes little sense to the original text. Furthermore the show has staggered arrival times but ironically they make you wait outside and later…

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  • My Big Fat Wedding Analysis

    to see how intercultural concepts represented in the world, and among people. My big fat wedding also is a popular Hollywood film which is relevant and valuable to the course of intercultural communication. My big fat Greek wedding is a Canadian-American romantic comedy film directed by Joel Zwick, released in 2002. The film tells a story about Toula Portokalos, a 30-yeard-old Greek girl, who live in the traditional values of the Greeks, spend youth working in the family’s store. Her life goes…

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