Shawshank Redemption Essay

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1. Identify the film’s title, director, AND production designer (or art/visual designer).
I watched the film Shawshank redemption. It was directed by Frank Darabont, and the production designer was Terence Marsh.

2. What is the focus of this film? Explain using examples from the film.
I was undecided whether the focus should be the truth of human nature or the struggle for human dignity, but I think that it should be the struggle for human dignity. I say this because the main character was a wrongly accused banker who was thrown into a prison. In prison he struggled to overcome the brutality of the prison inmates, and the injustice of the prison warden. In the end he beats the warden and gets to fulfill his dream of fixing up a boat in Mexico.
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They were all in 90s clothing and the main group of people in film were smokers which was very popular in that time period. This affected the film because they used the cigarettes as a currency in the prison. A geographic factor would be the weather that was shown in the film. It would seem that throughout the time where the film was shot in prison the weather was always dreary and overcast which added to the somber feel of the movie. The only time that is seem otherwise was when the inmates were enjoying a few beers on the roof of the prison, and the last scene when the main character was in Mexico and his friend was walking towards him. An example of the social structure of the prison was how the inmates acquired things from the outside world through a system of people. Another would be the pecking order of the warden followed by the guards followed by a list of inmates. This would also lead into the codes of behavior of the prison. There was an unspoken code among the certain groups of the prison. Within these groups they would always take care of each other and try to protect each other from the more violent groups. I don’t think that this film could have been shot in any environment mostly on the fact that there was a very unique atmosphere in the prison that would be difficult if not impossible to replicate outside of a

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