Sleep No More Analysis

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Sleep No More: Macbeth
Compare and Contrast Essay
Punchdrunks new theatrical piece Sleep No More has captured millions of views. Filled with passion and intensity it is a new insight into a type of theater that everyone should watch. Sleep No More is an interactive type of theater spread over six floors at the McKittrick Hotel. The audience, which is covered by masks, is allowed to walk through the hotel while they watch various scenes that take place while you are walking. The scenes you watch are a recreation of the play Macbeth. Sleep No More has captured millions of views and there has been million of positive and negative reviews. Two of them The Guardian and NY times have very different opinions about Sleep No More, they both argue precise
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Labeling Sleep No More as a commercially minded show they debate whether this show is more concerned with commerciality than its own theatrical production. With its Broadway priced tickets, private event offers which include very expensive drinks and gift shop they focus on getting your money than actually doing their theater. It gets to such a point where the actors reappear and attempt to sell souvenir programs! The set design doesn’t look like a hotel and makes little sense to the original text. Furthermore the show has staggered arrival times but ironically they make you wait outside and later the audience is led into a red lined bar which adds to the waiting time. They say the tickets are high priced for a show you cannot fully appreciate …show more content…
Well that depends on taste but in my opinion they both argue concise points but as far as The Guardian’s review I think they were too harsh and exaggerated. I agree that prices were a bit exaggerated but then again it is a 3-hour journey. I would say the actors were very focused and the set design was spectacular. This is by far the most unique theater piece you could watch. This play is full of surprises and not something you would usually see in any other theater production. As far as I know this theater piece was one of the best I’ve seen. I recommended it to every drama lover who likes unique theater pieces that are filled with intensity and

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