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  • Essay On The Role Of Air Pollution In China

    I have reviewed some scholarly articles on health effects of air pollution in China, and these articles have obtained vital information relating to these issues. In China, the air quality has been a major concern for many of the people. This essay will focus on three components: sources contributed to air pollution, the potential hazard and recovery. China’s economy has a tremendous impact on the environment, as the Chinese population increases, the country in demand for resources. People are…

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  • China Air Force Research Paper

    Today’s China is different from the past. It already has better army, navy, air force and weapons. For example, in the World War 2 , many countries had their own tank, battleship, aircraft and aircraft carry,but China only could borrow them from another country which already had such advanced technology. In China, they joined the war without any advanced machines. Nowadays, China is different from the rest, they already have their own army, navy and air force. They can make their own tank,…

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  • Cathay Pacific Case Study

    Introduction Cathay Pacific is the largest airline of Hong Kong. The airline flies passenger and cargo to 200 destinations in 52 countries worldwide. Including: Los Angeles, London, France, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Beijing, Dubai, Frankfurt, Mexico City and Miami. The airline was founded on 24 September 1946 by Australian Sydney H. de Kantzow and American Roy C. Farrell. Cathay Pacific is known for making the first ever non stop transpolar flight over the north pole. The company is the third…

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  • Xiami Swot Analysis

    Executive Summary Xiaomi is a privately owned Chinese electronics company. It was founded in April 2010 by its CEO Lei Jun in Beijing, China. In 2014, Xiaomi has sold over 60 million of smartphones in the world and it has over 8000 employees in many countires, such as China, Singapore, and Malaysia, also the planning new market India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun, he is the 23rd richest person to Forbes for the latest ranking. According…

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  • Similarities And Differences In The Fall Of China And Roman Empires

    China and Rome both structure their societies very similarly through their military, social structure, and religions. And while these civilizations were great, when their empires fell, their falls were from the same source of problems. These civilizations also had differences through how they first started expanding, how the people they conquered assimilated, what their empire were influenced by, and what happened to China and Rome after their falls. A major similarity between China and Rome…

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  • Impact Of Geography On Egypt

    which would turn up land and provide rich silt. The Himalayan Mountains also assisted in creating India’s weather patterns because the mountains form an impenetrable wall through which clouds may not pass. Therefore the cold damp air of the Himalayas is met with the warm dry air of southern India forming annual monsoons. Though these monsoons provide ample rainfall, their results can be catastrophic. From destroying crops to ruining entire cities, this yearly weather phenomena is a perfect…

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  • Why Did Qin Shi Huangdi Create A Unified Empire?

    Huangdi means the first emperor. And it is interesting to know that Qin is the first one to call themselves emperor rather than king. To create a unified empire, Qin Shi Huangdi first ended the feudal state system. Then he conquered and reorganized China into states and countries under a central controlling a government. Also, he connected all the walls along the northern border, or the Great Wall for defense. Not only this, but he also supported irrigation system along the Yangtze river to…

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  • Compare And Contrast Harappan And Ancient China

    Ancient Egypt, ancient China, Mesopotamia, and Harappan have a very big impact on the way we live, and how our society is formed today. We still use many of the things they invented, and many of the things they learned on their journey. In order for a society to be termed a civilization, its citizens must share similar characteristics in five specific areas. Three if those specific areas of continuity include religion, government & social structure, and technological advancements & art &…

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  • Food In China Film Analysis

    inception around 2000 years ago in Northern China, Tofu has evolved to be a vital part of the Chinese cuisine [1]. The art of making tofu spread to eventually reach the south western parts of the Chinese mainland and has become an integral part of the food culture of areas such as the Yunnan province. Making varieties of tofu, such as the hairy tofu has also become an art as it requires the mastery of microorganisms. For the Mongolian nomads in Northern China, milk tea and curd has become an…

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  • Intertwined Core Concepts Of My Culture

    My Culture Although I was born in China, my memory of my life there is like a blurry, monochromatic photo and, sometimes, it pains me to feel that mild sense of detachment from my beautiful heritage and culture. However, my genuine interest in Chinese language and culture is the reason why I will always persist in retaining this important aspect of my identity. Sophomore year marked the end of the Middle Years Program at our school. Our final assignment was our personal project, where we were…

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