Cathay Pacific Case Study

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Cathay Pacific is the largest airline of Hong Kong. The airline flies passenger and cargo to 200 destinations in 52 countries worldwide. Including: Los Angeles, London, France, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Beijing, Dubai, Frankfurt, Mexico City and Miami.

The airline was founded on 24 September 1946 by Australian Sydney H. de Kantzow and American Roy C. Farrell. Cathay Pacific is known for making the first ever non stop transpolar flight over the north pole. The company is the third largest airline in the world and it has won the "World 's Best Airline" award four times, more than any other airline.

Cathay Pacific’s mission is to be the world’s best airline. Being the best means that we always strive to excel in everything
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They fly from Hong Kong, Europe, North America and Asia. A lot of time being executives for medium or six size corporates. The tickets for these customers are usually obtained through the administrative department of the company. Cathay Pacific clients seek for good service and high quality.

Creative Solution
Cathay Pacific will launch a Frequent Flyer program completely different that what exists today. This program will be exclusively for business travelers. This new years Cathay Pacific will announce their new Executive Card.

Since Cathay Pacific targets executives that work in a company, the Executive Card will be a company card. This means that the same card can be used by anyone that works in the company and is traveling for business. The Executive Card will have multiple benefits.

The miles are for the company not the flyer.
The Executive card will count with a frequent flyer loyalty program, where points for every flight are accumulated. By reserving tickets with their Executive Card Number, the company will receive points that can later be redeem for tickets. In other words, the points of every member of the company will ad up on the company’s card. This points can be used when a company reserves a ticket for any of their executives. Further more, since Cathay Pacific also flies cargo. Miles will be accumulated or redeem when shipping merchandise. More over, the miles can be used for business
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Cathay Pacific will offer the check another baggage with the samples. This will not have an extra cost and the company will secure the delivery of this bag. The samples bag will have the option to be checked at check in or at the gate when boarding.

There are times when executives are going to deliver or coming back with merchandise. Cathay Pacific will give the option to flyers to ship merchandise on the same plane they are flying. The price will be set by weight and there will be an option for the boxes to be delivered to the office or picked up at the airport.

Cathay Pacific will provide free wifi during all their flights. This will aloud flyers to do work on their long flight.

Car service
Cathay Pacific will provide the option of when flying arranging a car to pick the passenger on the airport and take them to the hotel. If the passenger is heading straight to a meeting there is an option of dropping the in the meeting and taking the language to the hotel.

Executive Card Pricing
The executive card will have a price of $50.00 dollars a year per registered company member. But, to get the program going, there will be a promotion where the price is $10.00 dollars per registered company member the first

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