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  • Burton Watson's Views On The Background Of Chinese Poetry

    from around 300 B.C, poetic output in China has never stopped. Further fuelling the spread and preservation of poetry were the inventions of paper and printing in China (2). However, one most note that there is more than one form of poetry in Chinese literature. Shih, one of the earlier principal forms of poetry, became less dominant by the thirteenth century and gave way to other forms such as drama and fiction (2).…

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  • Neo-Confucianism In Ancient China

    Introduction to Confucianism said “This system is built upon the influence of Buddhism: ‘Without the introduction of Buddhism into China, there would have been no Neo-Confucianism” (Yao pg.97) Therefore, Neo-Confucian was developed as the most elaborate and the most perfect theoretical system in the historical period in China. The academic from Neo-Confucian scholars in ancient China can be divided into three stages; "Northern Song…

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  • Archetype Comparison: The Chinese And Greek Creation Stories

    Creation stories are most likely to be created by different gods, things, or even by different people but still could be sommelier to another creation story. Although the Chinese and the Greek creation stories have different reason of being created, they may share similar archetype and also different archetypes. The Chinese and Greek creation stories share archetype similarities. For example a similarity in the Chinese and Greek creation stories is something splitting apart to create the earth…

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  • Chopsticks: The Invention Of Gunpowder

    They are the oldest form of rockets and the simplest. They originally had religious meanings but were later changed into military uses during the middles ages in the form of a flaming arrow. Fireworks are propelled through the air when gases are released and push downward. Then, they explode. The Mongols helped spread gunpowder through out the world. They stole the idea from the Chinese and started using it. It worked very well, and they liked it because it was easy to make…

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  • Dog Meat Research Paper

    These days, it seems has become a popular fashion for people to eat dog meat. In China, especially in Guangxi province, it is very usual for people to eat dog meat. More seriously, in Yulin, Guangxi province, the local people celebrate the “dog meat” festival annually. Besides, the other countries, such as Korea, it’s also a custom for native people to eat dog meat. Every coin have two sides, different people have different opinions, according to this situation and background, it has become a…

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  • Sun Tzu War Summary

     A brief background of a strategic thinker: Birth name : Sun Wu Courtesy name : Sun Tzu Name means : Master sun Born : 544 BC Birth place : State of Qi, Shandong Province, China Death : 496 BC Best known for : The Art of War - Had strong interest in military and became a soldier. - Gained reputation as a good leader of soldiers. - Led the State of Wu to many victories including the capture of the Chu capital city of Ying.  Main points of his/her strategic thought: - Doctrines: 1. Prepare…

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  • Confucianism: The Yoga School

    Flavio Faria g14f0364 1) 3 Chinese major schools .1)Confucianism: This school was created from the teachings of the sage Confucius, and gathered in the Analects of Confucius. It is an arrangement of good, social, political, and semi religious thought, whose impact likewise spread to Korea andJapan. The major Confucian ideas incorporate humankind or sympathy like the idea of the Mandate of Heaven, reliability and that of dutiful devotion. It presented the rule of basically regarding…

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  • The Importance Of Chinese Food In CNY

    There are a wide variety of food that are significant to Chinese New Year (CNY). The foods served on CNY is a combination of symbols and sumptuous flavours. The dishes served during CNY suggests wealth, luck and splendour by the way of their appearance or because they rhyme with certain auspicious Chinese words. Proportions are generous as customs dictates that one should not be stint at the festive table as abundance brings luck. (Moey, 2006, p. 10) Before I started writing, I interviewed two…

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  • Pollution In China Essay

    China is among the most successful emerging markets due to a boom in factories and industrial growth. The country has quickly become a manufacturing hub, making China the largest exporter and trading nation in the world. However, China is also the worst carbon dioxide emitter and polluter, with a multitude of smog filled cities. While industrialization has helped China attain a strong economy, it has caused an increase in the amount of pollution and toxic chemicals released into the air,…

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  • Air Pollution In East Asia

    Our Air is something we take for granted as opposed to food or water we don’t really contemplate much about it. Similar to the way we breathe it’s just a part of our life whether we consciously think about it or not. Comparable to our subconscious breathing is the autonomous effects polluted air can have on just about every aspect of the world. Its indisputable to say all of you know in our lifetime, environmental concerns revolving around our expenditure of fossil fuels and the effects it has…

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