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  • Electric Car Environment

    Research question: how do electric cars affect air environment? Barry Saxifrage, who consistently researches and writes about climate changes for the Vancover Observer and other publications, argues that generally electric cars cause less or equal climate pollution than gasoline cars. To support his claim, the author analyzes data from energy databases and industry websites on pollution released by producing the cars and batteries, burning gasoline, and generating the electricity as the…

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  • Essay On Pros And Cons Of Air Pollution

    Take a moment right now to take a nice, refreshing breath. Now imagine if you weren 't able to enjoy that. Imagine the air was so thick with dust and smog and tiny, deadly particles that you can barely breathe the air around you. Richard Muller said “It’s as if every man, woman, and child were smoking 1.5 cigarettes each hour in Beijing, China.” Many people cannot even stand to be near someone when they are constantly being bombarded with second hand smoke. Imagine never having the opportunity…

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  • Flour Mill Avenue Analysis

    The Hayden Flour mill is a reflection of early western culture when manufacturing and agriculture was prevalent in the United States and in the state of Arizona in particular. Every nation has a developing stage when manufacturing is central to the economy of that particular nation. Now, the United States is developed, and factories have become relics of the past. The flour mill on Mill Avenue (hence the name mill Avenue) is a perfect example of this. The fact that the flour mill is surrounded…

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  • Chinese Air Pollution

    below 50 μg/m3 , as well as annual average levels below 20 μg/m3, as "acceptable."” All of his perspectives express that people overly concern about Chinese air pollution. However, if we do not pay such a huge attention to it, how can people deal with a striking number of death? According to Li Jing’s article “Air pollution is bigger killer in China than smoking, says new Greenpeace study”4 (04 February, 2015) : “Tiny smog-inducing pollutants, known as PM2.5, led to about 257,000 premature…

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  • Air Pollution And Lung Cancer

    Air Pollution Most people died from lung cancer because of their unhealthy habits; however, nowadays more people suffer from this malignant disease regardless of their lifestyle. This is due to the widespread of environmental problems, especially air pollution, which is produced by pollutants including sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and particulate matters (such as PM2.5 and PM10). “Each 10-µg/m3 of pollutants was associated with approximately ... 8% increased risk of lung…

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  • Air Pollution Case Study Essay

    case study about air pollution. Air pollution is one of the biggest threat to earth and our existence because air pollution effects the ozone layer in a bad way where it shrinks the thickness of the ozone layer. If the ozone layer disappear, all of the sun rays including healthy and harmful will have contact our skin and body, And will eventually kill us. Air pollution is a combination of gases that surround us in the air. Also we can call it a mixture of chemicals and gases in air which we…

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  • Pollution In The United States Essay

    and cultural norms that most U.S. citizens have practiced for years. There are three main forms of pollution that I will be focusing on: air, soil, and water pollution. [Can I use this as an opening paragraph to introduce the topic of U.S. pollution??] CHEMICALS AND PARTICLES There is almost an immeasurable amount of chemicals in the air that make up the air quality in the United States. Many of these toxins are discharged many sources that range from large manufacturing buildings to small…

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  • Smog In China

    will decrease. Who would want to risk visiting such a beautiful land and its people if their life was on the line? Dangerously high levels of smog from coal and car exhaust in Beijing may cause tourists to re-evaluate their tourist destination. If China was to ever…

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  • The Importance Of Air Pollution In The Philippines

    Air Pollution is considered as one of the major contributing factors of the degradation of Mother Earth, and for the Philippines every waking day of a person’s life the matter of ‘gas’ is a part of it. According to an article Source of Air pollution "By inhaling a large amount of air pollution in one’s body system, it can cause serious diseases and in worst case scenarios can lead to death" (2013, par. 1). Having a tainted air that every living organisms, including the humans that are breathing.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Clean Air Act

    Over the past 40 years, the Clean Air Act and the Environmental Protection Agency have made several advances in helping reduce air pollution and creating a better nation. Recently, congress has attacked the Environmental Protection Agency, essential tying their hands, for personal gains. In The Clean Air Act, Congress found that the pollution caused by rapidly evolving Cities, industrial development, and motor vehichle use were creating a danger to public health and agriculture. The primary…

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