Similarities And Differences In The Fall Of China And Roman Empires

China and Rome both structure their societies very similarly through their military, social structure, and religions. And while these civilizations were great, when their empires fell, their falls were from the same source of problems. These civilizations also had differences through how they first started expanding, how the people they conquered assimilated, what their empire were influenced by, and what happened to China and Rome after their falls.
A major similarity between China and Rome was their dependence on their military force, and how they were both extremely brutal. China and Rome also had domestic repercussion, but those repercussions were different. In China, they were brief and superficial, while in Rome, the transition from a republic to an empire lasted throughout the empires reign in Europe. Both empires were extremely invested in their public works for the
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In China, as they were building up to their height, it was very compressed, unlike the Romans, whereas theirs was a very slow build up to their height. The Chinese, in their ethnical identity aren’t a minority, mostly everybody they captured, assimilated to the Chinese culture. The Romans and Italians, however were a minority because throughout the whole Roman Empire there were so many different cultures, and ethnicities, that there was not one dominant race. When they did conquer different civilizations, they offered a form of assimilation into Roman or Chinese empires. For Rome, they offered Roman citizenship and equality under Roman law. In China, the cultures that they conquered eventually assimilated to the Chinese culture and there was never any real diversity like in Rome, but their main passageway for assimilation was their written

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