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  • Personal Narrative: Lessons Learned In My Writing

    At the beginning of the year I was really nervous about taking your Composition 1 class. You see, writing papers was never one of my strong traits. Looking back on this semester, I can see just how much my writing has improved. I went from being a writer who stressed over every tiny detail of a paper into someone who feels more confident in her writing to actually start enjoying what I put in my papers. Even though I stressed over every detail in my writing I still lacked a lot of the knowledge…

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  • An Analysis Of Facing It By Yusef Kounyakaa

    War; it is terrifying, destructive and deadly. Once the dust settles, what most of society doesn’t see, is the war remaining within. From civilians to soldiers, there is an internal battle that has been going on forever. The Vietnam Memorial in Washington is a tribute to thousands of fallen soldiers from the Vietnam War. People from all around the world visit the wall. For a portion of visitors, it is simply a memorial and for others, it is a haunting reminder of the past. Yusef Komunyakaa’s…

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  • Tiger Woods Case Study

    1) The high-profile person I selected for the ‘Google Gotcha!’ activity is Tiger Woods. 2) When googling Tiger Woods, I was met with a mix of positive and negative stories. The positive stories where ones that focused on his return to professional golf. Tiger is currently in recovery after multiple surgeries to heal his injured back, knee, elbow, and neck. The positive links are ones either detailing his recovery or anticipating his return to the PGA scene. The more negative and image-hurting…

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  • Hybrid Golf Club Essay

    Components of a Hybrid Golf Club Often referred to as utility clubs, hybrid golf clubs have been popular for years and are continually becoming more important in the sport of golf. They are widely used by PGA Tour pros. Even amateurs of all skill levels are already using hybrids in order to enhance their performance. Hybrid clubs offer various features that can easily improve your game. It is one of the most celebrated innovations in this sport in the recent years. Golfers substitute them…

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  • Arnold Palmer Research Paper

    playing golf professionally, to how he made golf internationally more famous, this is how he has changed the golfing world. When the Senior PGA Golf Tour started in 1930 and from 1930 to 1979 it wasn’t very popular, the prize purse(prize money) was small and no one really even knew about it. Then Arnold Palmer became eligible and when he played in 1980, the Tour became more popular. When the 1980 U.S. Senior Open came around he has won every tournament so far, but he couldn’t play because…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Masters Golf Tournament

    Ever since I was a child, I always watched the Masters golf tournament on television. I distantly remember watching the amazing shot from Bubba Watson in 2012, and thought how amazing it would’ve been to watch that shot in person that will be remembered forever. All of the best players in the world play at this tournament, and it is the biggest tournament of the year. Many people who love and play the game of golf dream of going to this tournament. After being inspired by the game of golf, I…

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  • Roy Emerson Research Paper

    Roy Emerson Imagine constantly training non-stop every day, soaked with sweat, this is what the greatest tennis players must do to succeed. Ladies and gentlemen, Roy Emerson deserves to have a statue constructed at Frew Park in Milton as he is a worthy tennis role model of Queensland. As the best tennis player, he has made major contributions to Australian tennis and setting amazing records. Known as a legend in tennis, he is a great Australian role model and is known world-wide. Roy Emerson…

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  • Influence Of Tiger Woods On The Sport Of Golf

    The Tiger Effect Golf is defined simply as a game where wooden or metal clubs are used to hit a small, white ball into a hole. One of the oldest structured games in existence, golf traces its roots back to Scotland in the 1400’s. Throughout centuries, golf has been a game enjoyed almost exclusively by affluent white males, largely because club memberships are expensive and restrictive. That all changed in 1996, when a young African American prodigy erupted on the scene, changing the…

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  • History Of Golf Essay

    A Brief History of Golf Golf has been a great sport ever since the reign of Julius Caesar’s time. And until now this sport has been an important one that is known around the globe. The sport golf was not the same as what it is now but most likely similar with how it was played. The players are striking a ball that is feather-stuffed with the club-shaped branches of tree. But then the golf game was then traced back as well to Song Dynasty during 960 to the year 1279. It was not exactly the same…

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  • Jack Nicklaus: A Famous Golf Player

    “Yes Sir!” the announcer proclaimed as “Jack Nicklaus [threatened] to make the 46th year of his life the most memorable to date - a year when this once young, strong, heroic golfer [made] middle age a time of even bigger heroics.” (The New York Times, May 24, 1986) Jack Nicklaus had just sunk a putt in the 1986 masters for eagle on the fifteenth hole, positioning only two back of the lead. It would be one of the greatest wins in golf’s history if he could pull it out, but there were only three…

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