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  • Northwind Traders Case Study

    Description 10 Target Customers 10 Market Definition 10 Market Opportunities 11 Competitive Analysis 12 Competitive Advantages 13 Competitors’ Positions 14 Potential Future Competition 14 BUSINESS STRATEGY 15 Customer Incentives 15 Advertising and Promotion 15 Sales and Marketing 16 Commission 17 OPERATIONS 17 Premises 17 Choice of Location and Premises 17 Hours of Operation 17 Equipment 18 Staffing 18 FORECASTING 18 Sales Forecast 18 Cash Flow Projections 20 Income Statement 20 Balance Sheet 21 Performance Ratios 21 Break-Even 21 Funds Required and Timing 21 Funding Options 22 BUSINESS CONTROLS 23 Accounting System 23 Quality Control 23 New Tour Operators 23 Capacity 23 Long-Term Goals 24 Steps for Achieving Goals 24 Position 25 Risks Associated with Growth 25 APPENDIX 1: MARKET RESEARCH 26 APPENDIX 2: FINANCIAL FORECASTS 35 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 6 The Company 6 The Company’s Mission 6 Products and Services 6 Marketing and Sales Techniques 6 The Competition 7 Target Market 7 Operations 8 Management 8 Financials 8 Funding 9 HISTORY AND POSITION TO DATE 10 The Company’s Mission 10 Management Team and Key Personnel 10 Services 12 Transportation 13 Company History 13 Guarantees and Warranties 14 Business Structure 14 MARKET RESEARCH 14 Economic and Social Factors 15 Competitive…

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  • Environmental Factors Affecting Tour Operators

    Environmental factors can have an impact on tour operator businesses in the UK and European market. Thomas Cook, a British international travel company is, therefore, affected by an external environment in the similar market. The most significant factors can be identified using a well-known market research method called PESTE. PESTE analysis reveals three main environmental factors that significantly affect the tour operators, which are economic, social, and technology. ● Economic Tour…

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  • Women's Rights In A Thousand Splendid Suns

    In the novel A Thousand Splendid Suns, women’s rights were presented to be not equal to men and limited by a series of events. The main women characters in the novel, Mariam and Laila rights were not equal to the husband they shared, Rasheed. Mariam and Laila had limited rights, which means that Rasheed held most of their power. Nana, Mariam’s mom rights were presented to me not equal to a man because of the blame she was forced to take. Also Aziza, Raheed’s and Laila’s daughter was not treated…

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  • The Benefits Of Tourism?

    tourism there would be a lot less economically stable countries, and people would be a lot less cultured. Revenue wise, tourism is a booming industry and has been for many centuries. Since modes of transportation became more available to go to other countries, people’s curiosity got the best of them and they began to travel. People also began to travel as a way to relax, which is how vacations initially got started. As industrialization took off, travelling became more popular as well. For…

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  • Tour Manager Case Study

    A tour manager should have organization, interpersonal skills, listening skills, problem-solving skills, business skills, creativity, and knowledge of sound systems (, n.d.) All of these skills are important to have, but there are some that should be emphasized. Therefore, a tour manager must have excellent interpersonal skills. He/she must be able to communicate well to each client, worker, or potential contact. He/she must also be able to multi-task and be able to quickly solve…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Golf Is Not A Sport

    "Golf is not a sport -- it's an artistic exercise like ballet. You can be a fat slob and still play golf." Because we agree with this statement by John McEnroe, who is a former professional tennis player, my partner and I reject the resolution: Golf is a sport. We offer the following reasons to support our side. My first reason is that golfers are not athletes. In contrast to a real sport, golf is not a rigorous physical activity. Burning just 360 calories per hour playing golf without the…

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  • Research Paper On Taylor Swift

    has formed bonds with her fans this way, and has even gone as far to send people presents for Christmas and hand written letters after she talked to them over social media, she has even invited people into her house before. Before her latest album, 1989, was released, she hosted what she called 'The 1989 Secret Sessions. ' These secret session were held in five locations, three of which were at her own personal homes. She invited fans who she new had been there for her over the years to these…

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  • Why Tiger Woods

    again.” Cochran shows that he’s a fan of Tiger, and although Tiger is his idol, Cochran is convinced that Tiger really won’t win a professional tournament ever again. This implants the idea to the reader that Tiger won’t win again since the writer is a fan and believes that Tiger can’t come back and win. Cochran then stresses the fact that the new young rising stars, Jordan Speith, Rory McIllroy, Rickie Fowler, and Jason day make it impossible for Tiger to win. By telling the readers how about…

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  • Golf: The Early Stages Of Golf

    Golf is a game that dates back hundreds of years, originating in Scotland. The main goal is to get a golf ball to a target a few hundred yards away, in the least amount of strokes as possible. In the early stages of golf, the participants had to use curved sticks to hit the pebble down the track and win the game. Today, players use clubs made of metals such as tungsten and steel to hit a golf ball down a set course. Golf has evolved into a game that cultures all around the world participate in.…

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  • Winter Dreams Literary Analysis

    “Winter Dreams” is an excellent short story. The setting and tone of “Winter Dreams” draw the reader into the story wonderfully. The story “Winter Dreams” takes place mainly in Black Bear, Minnesota, sometime before World War I. The town sounds, to the reader, idyllic and peaceful. The setting is romantic. The tone is romantic, as well. The events of the story take on dream-like qualities because of the way the narrator describes them. “Winter Dreams” does an excellent job describing the…

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