MLA Class Reflection Paper

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Throughout this course, I have faced a multitude of new strategies for writing and have encountered difficulties along the way. However, through the instruction I have received, I truly think that I have developed as a writer in this class. I may not have realized this in the beginning, but looking back I have definitely grown. Furthermore, I can tell that I will continue to grow and succeed through this class. I started off with a fairly strong background in writing, but not so much in rhetoric. My previous writing skills, combined with the additional learning methods I received through this class have developed my writing and shaped me into the writer that I am now. My experience began with knowing the basics: how to format MLA style, how to use claim data warrant, and how to construct a concise paper through the use of a strong thesis statement. I still feel confident in my ability to do these things, but now I have added a few more things to feel confident in. I now know how to strengthen my introduction, which has always been …show more content…
I would start with the introduction and just move along my papers with no real structure involved. Since taking this class, I have learned that this is an accepted method for writing a paper, but it is not the only one. I have started mapping out my papers more, but they are still not quite formal outlines. I simply write my thesis, and leave bullet points of my main ideas. This invention strategy has helped me several times when I felt that I was stuck on a prompt, as well as organizing my paper more concisely. I enjoyed when we went around the room to discuss our writing processes, and were allowed to receive justification for our writing styles. That being said, I found it reassuring to know that there is more than one way to do things and to learn something as simple as a different method of

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