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  • MLA Class Reflection Paper

    writing, but not so much in rhetoric. My previous writing skills, combined with the additional learning methods I received through this class have developed my writing and shaped me into the writer that I am now. My experience began with knowing the basics: how to format MLA style, how to use claim data warrant, and how to construct a concise paper through the use of a strong thesis statement. I still feel confident in my ability to do these things, but now I have added a few more things to feel confident in. I now know how to strengthen my introduction, which has always been…

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  • Sa2 Outcome Analysis

    thing I am analyzing. However, I choose to divide these papers into sections, and each section has its own argument. Each of the evidence is interrelated to make the overall claim stronger. So I view them separately and also as a whole in order to determine their effectiveness. “First, she points out that it is unclear that who qualifies as a celebrity in today’s technology-rich media environment.” (SA2, Pg. 1) “Second, society’s changing moral values have essentially eliminated the need for…

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  • English Composition In David Sheff's Beautiful Boy

    part of this essay was proper paragraph development; the structure of the essay was decent. Quote integration was the essays largest defect, almost every quotation is improperly placed, most often I simply did not add my own personal comments after adding a quotation. Another harebrained mistake I made in this essay was putting two whole spaces between every paragraph. Writing six pages on the subject was tedious, but doubling the spaces between each paragraph was not a cheap attempt to stretch…

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  • Academic Writing: A Rhetoric And Reader: Chapter Analysis

    The text book “An Insider’s Guide to Academic Writing: A Rhetoric and Reader” contains thirteen chapters divided into three parts which helps college students understand the fundamentals of writing in the disciplines. Published by Bedford St. Martin’s, the book’s authors consist of Susan Miller-Cochran, Roy Stamper, and Stacey Cochran. Chapter five named “Reading and Writing in Academic Disciplines” starts part two of the book. This chapter focuses on familiarizing the reader to the different…

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  • Purpose Of A Self-Assessment Test (Self Assessment)

    The style format can differ with each professor, unless the school has chosen a blanket writing format for all classes. One style in particular, APA, was created in 1929 by psychologists and business managers to bring a consistency to writing by setting forth a set of style rules and procedures (Bethel University, 2014). This provides the student with a guideline to follow while writing, that will ensure them the capability of using other’s work and still give credit to the original…

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  • Techniques Used In Written Publishing

    Citations are used in a written publication to highlight source material within a person’s original work, to give credit to the original author, and to support an idea or an argument. Any person using outside sources within a written publication becomes responsible for including proper citations within that publication. If a person chooses to use an APA style, they must know how to incorporate source material into a written publication and know how to format in-text citations and references. A…

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  • Heroism Definition Essay

    Definition Essay EA 1.2 Formal Style Paragraph 1: Opening paragraph: (at least 5-7 sentences for each paragraph) 1. Compelling Introduction (Hook) *Choose One* -Quote: Must be from our reading/viewing/listening. And must use quote sandwich -Personal Event/Anecdote (May use ”I” only in this type of personal opening but nowhere else in this formal paper. -Statistic: Must be from our reading/viewing/listening ,d3bh. -Startling or interesting fact: Must be…

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  • Reflection On Wrtg 101

    the course drawing to a close, coming a long way from the start of the course where I would rate myself a 3 out of ten. Because I never enjoyed taking any type of communication course being written or oral. Never having a real interest in the subject, procrastinating to the very last minute to turn in assignments or just not turning assignments in at all. I began taking WRTG 101 with very limited knowledge on how to properly write. Now with the class near completion I feel that I have slightly…

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  • Plagiarism Fq

    Plagiarism FAQ’s 1. What is plagiarism and why should I care about it? Plagiarism is taking the words and thoughts of others and using them as if they were your own because you fail to give credit to the other person. Plagiarism is a major form of cheating that should be avoided when you are completing assignments or posting on discussion threads. 2. How do I give credit to someone? At WCU, you are expected to credit your sources through APA guidelines. This means you’re responsible for citing…

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  • Personal Reflection On How To Improve Writing Skills

    obviously are an integral part of communication. I understand that improving my writing skills will benefit me tremendously in my leadership role. Practicing and reading more will help me improve my writing, which will improve my communication skills. Reference: Chambers, C. (2016). Orientation to Online Learning [Lecture]. Retrieved from Maxwell, John. "Lead Effectively through Solid Communication Skills." Pardon Our Interruption. N.p., 07 July 2004.…

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