English Composition In David Sheff's Beautiful Boy

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After four years of meaningless lectures and pointless assignments, high school English class has abandoned me at the gates of university with only the slightest writing skills. English Composition 1 has been an academic life saver, providing writing skills and concepts that will be of the absolute necessity for all my future endeavors. So far every essay I have written for English Composition 1 has received an acceptable score, so I think I think I have applied at least some of the literary concepts discussed in class into my writing. The first essay of the semester was a “coming of age memoir, where I analyzed past events and discussed how those events continue to shape my present existence. Most of the required writing concepts were incorporated …show more content…
Right from the start this essay was a train wreck of lazy mistakes, punctuation errors culminating in a weak underdeveloped thesis statement. A big part of this essay was proper paragraph development; the structure of the essay was decent. Quote integration was the essays largest defect, almost every quotation is improperly placed, most often I simply did not add my own personal comments after adding a quotation. Another harebrained mistake I made in this essay was putting two whole spaces between every paragraph. Writing six pages on the subject was tedious, but doubling the spaces between each paragraph was not a cheap attempt to stretch the content, just a lazy mistake that never got corrected. The essay contained the critical thinking that was required but was considerably deficient in every other requirement, lacking a proper thesis, punctuation, and paragraph development. Also my MLA citations need a bit of work; I defiantly need to make better use out of the OWL Perdu site when making my In-text citations and works citied page. A lot of the errors made in this essay were easily avoidable; I feel my greatest weakness in writing is in the revising, editing, and most importantly proofreading. Most of my mistakes would have been caught before being graded if I put a bit more scrutiny into my proofreading. This essay was certainly the hardest to get through, mainly because the essay lacked a general focus due to the thesis being so poor. Overall the essay didn’t get a terrible grade, and I have an increased understanding of how to write a better quality

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