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  • Ischemic Stroke Essay

    Introduction In this paper the illness stroke, specifically ischemic stroke (IS), will be discussed. The majority of strokes are ischemic; they are one of the prominent causes of death worldwide making it a major global health problem. The number of people who have suffer from stroke every year, or who have suffered, or have died from their stroke, are significantly increasing (Feigin et al., 2015). Ischemic stroke has been increasingly effecting people globally. Feigin and collegues (2015),…

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  • Warfarin Therapy: A Case Study

    1. INTRODUCTION Warfarin is a most common Anticoagulant in prevention and treatment of thromboembolic events despite the availability of new drugs such as Novel Oral Anticoagulants due to its affordability. The establishment of the International Normalized Ratio (INR) helps to guide the dosing requirement for patients receiving the warfarin therapy. However, over-anticoagulation leads to adverse events such as haemorrhage while thromboembolic events can happen even at a recommended dose.…

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  • Internal Medical Morbidity

    The practice of internal medicine in a conflict zone is a unique challenge. In counter insurgency/ counter terrorism (CI/CT) areas, the hostile environment, austere conditions and limited logistics makes the decision making more difficult. There is enough literature available on the role of surgeon in combat zone both internationally and in Indian armed forces1,2, however there is paucity of literature on the role of internal medicine specialists in combat zone 3, 4. This article is aimed at…

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  • Pulmonary Embolism Research Paper

    • It is typically caused by a blood clot originating the lower limbs called deep vein thrombosis. • Risk factors include prior history of deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism, prolonged immobility, recent hip surgery, cancer, genetic defects (prothrombin mutation, antithrombin deficiency, factor V–Leiden, protein C & S deficiency), certain medications (oral contraceptives)…

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  • Stroke Thrombolysis Lab Report

    two main types of ischemic stroke: thrombotic and embolic. Thrombotic strokes occur when an artery becomes blocked by a blood clot within the brain, clinically referred to as cerebral thrombosis or cerebral infarction. Thrombotic stroke can be further divided into large vessel thrombosis and small vessel thrombosis. An embolic stroke refers to the formation of a clot (or emboli) somewhere other than the brain, usually the heart. The emboli will travel in the bloodstream until it becomes lodged,…

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  • Essay On Coronary Artery Disease

    Coronary artery disease continues to maintain its status as the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States. It is a high priority of clinicians not only to manage the acute symptoms of coronary artery disease, but also to prevent future major adverse cardiac events, such as acute myocardial infarction and cardiac death. Percutaneous coronary intervention is a nonsurgical procedure to treat atherosclerosis within the heart’s vessels (cite). Percutaneous coronary intervention, a…

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  • Clopidogrel Lab Report

    fibrinolytic and antithrombotic therapy in ACS established in practice the role of thrombosis in their pathogenesis. A number of micro anatomic mechanisms underlie acute coronary thrombosis. The rupture of plaque’s protective fibrous cap can, most commonly cause lethal coronary thrombosis, according to autopsy studies. [14] This physical disruption of the atherosclerotic plaque results in almost all acute coronary thrombosis. Once platelets are exposed to the ruptured…

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  • Who Is To Blame For Mr Pignati's Death

    instead of living life as he got older also... he wanted to be young again trying to be like John and Lorraine if he didn't try to be young again therefore... he would still be living and breathing and according to the novel The Pigman he died from a thrombosis if he stayed in the hospital for a little bit longer he would still be alive and John and Lorraine would not have to cope with his death, they think it's their fault for his death, Mr. Pignati did the most damage to himself as a whole.…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Standardizing Central Venous Catheter Care: Hospital To Home

    continuity of care and decrease complications. Central line infection and thrombosis cause thousands of deaths each year and increases medical costs (CDC). Proper care of the central line utilizing antibacterial dressings, passive disinfection caps and pulsatile flushing can decrease infection. Properly obtaining blood specimens can result in faster identification of bacteria and proper intravenous (I.V.) antibiotic administration. Thrombosis can be decreased with proper flushing and monitoring.…

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  • Stroke Research Papers

    Most people could probably guess that heart disease and cancer are the leading causes of death, but many may not know that strokes are the fourth leading. Strokes are also one of the leading causes in long-term adult disability. A stroke occurs when there is a clot in a blood vessel or an artery located in the brain, interrupting or severely reducing blood flow to the brain, preventing it from getting the oxygen it needs. There are two different types of strokes, and there are multiple types…

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