Hillcrest Convalescent Center: Case Study

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Agency and Audience
Hillcrest Convalescent Center is a long term facility and a rehab center with a capacity of 147 beds. More than two thirds of the beds at Hillcrest Convalescent Center are reserved for patients who are undergoing rehabilitation following a surgical procedure. The facility has approximately 96 Medicare certified beds. In addition to Medicare and Medicaid approved patients, Hillcrest Convalescent Center does also admit patients with private insurances. A great portion of the patients admitted to this facility are those rehabilitating from an orthopedic surgery. Moreover, the majority of orthopedic patients are those who are admitted with knee or hip arthroplasty and repair. The DVT prevention project is geared toward the management and health care team at Hillcrest Convalescent Center. This includes doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapist. The facility employs one doctor, a nurse practitioner, a group of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, physical
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However, my preceptor voiced her willingness to help me obtain charts which were buried deep in medical records. She has made the process of locating and reviewing charts little easier than it would have been. She also assisted with the process of collecting data and sorting it out. The management of the clinical site welcomed the research project and was willing to help with locating charts of patients who may have been discharged. The charts were stored in the medical record storing cabinets. Even though the members of the management had a good idea about the facility’s DVT prevention program, DVT diagnoses, and possible adjustments to the current protocol, they have welcome the research project as it may provide them with unbiased findings which may constitute an opportunity for comparison and

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