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  • Hip Fractures Case Study

    HuHip Fractures Population at Greatest Risk for Hip Fractures Population at greatest risk for hip fractures is older people with osteoporosis, especially white women. The elderly have weaker bone due to osteoporosis and they are more likely to fall due to conditions such as neurological impairment, impaired vision, poor balance, side effects from medications, institutional living, physical inactivity, and difficulty maneuvering around environmental hazards. After a hip fracture, many are…

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  • SLUMS Screening Toolbox: A Case Study

    DVT Probability: Wells Score System. It is a tool used in screening for the likelihood of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) for inpatient population. It uses a nine-elemental clinical prediction rule. Each item is scored 1 point and -2 points if there is an alternative diagnosis identified. (Silveira et al., 2015, p. 1112) Conducted a prospective study in a 793-bed…

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  • Anticholinergic Case Studies

    client. Offer to stay with the client and provide assistant when physical needs need to be met. When speaking to the client talk slow and be calm. Also give client time to respond and be a good listener. 3-A client is at risk for a deep vein thrombosis. What is the priority assessment for this client? Describe the procedure to use when applying elastic stockings (TEDS). The priority assessment for this client is to give them repeated pressure to prevent blood clotting to develop in the deep…

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  • Cardiovascular Disease Case Study

    ETIOLOGY Endothelial dysfunction precedes atherosclerotic CAD and is characterized by impaired vasodilation, increased adhesion molecules, and increased thrombosis risk.8 This occurs when there is a lack of response of certain chemical messengers produced by the endothelium to acetylcholine; the most notable change is a diminished nitric oxide vasodilatory response.5 As a powerful vasodilator and inhibitor…

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  • Effect Of Fasting On Ramad Effect On Type II Diabetic Patients

    Fasting on Ramadan: effect on glycemic control on type II diabetic patients, observational study for three month at SQUH, Oman Amina, S, Al-Hussaini College of Nursing, SQU Fasting on Ramadan: effect on glycemic control on type II diabetic patients, observational study for three month at SQUH, Oman Introduction Type 2 DM is worldwide health problem affecting 2.8% of population globally in 2000 and expected to be 4.4% in 2030 (Patel, Mirakhur, El-Magd, El-Matty, & Al-Ghafri, 2007).…

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  • Essay On Multimorbidity

    INTRODUCTION Multimorbidity, the simultaneous coexistence in individuals of more than one disease state, has become increasingly common in health care settings (1, 2). Patients who have multimorbidity are more likely to be admitted to hospital, experience premature death or a loss of physical functioning and have poor quality of life (3). Patients with significant multimorbidity are usually excluded from clinical trials. This has led to a scarcity of evidence in relation to appropriate…

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  • Career Changes In Nursing

    Throughout a life span many changes will take place within your career. Some changes will be good or bad. What drives the change to occur within a career is status, money or health related issues? Career changes are general made to enhance life style. Role transition is moving from one disciple to another, while still remaining in same field. The roles will change as well as the mindset to create a better change. Transitioning from one level of nursing to another usually occur when a person…

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  • Patient Controlled Analgesia Case Study Essay

    Transition Preparation During this time, it is crucial to make sure that Mrs. Audrey’s required documents along with the investigation results are handed over to the theatre nurse. It is also essential to communicate regarding any incomplete task that has not been done according to the checklist. In addition, provide information about Mrs. Audrey being allergic to Bactrim to the theatre nurse. POSTOPERATIVE CARE At 2000hrs, when Mrs. Audrey returns from the theatre, assessment of observations,…

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  • Total Hip Replacement Surgery

    Total Hip Replacement Hip arthroplasty is using a prosthesis to replace hip joint is one of the most common surgical procedures today (Walker, 2007). A good surgical team will increase the success rate of the total hip replacement. However, proper nursing interventions during pre-operative and post-operative phase of the surgery is very important for the patient. Nurses spend more time with patients compared to the other health care personnel. Therefore, a good nursing care will better…

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  • Bariatric Surgery Research Paper

    exercise combined with a well-controlled diet. Every surgical procedure has its own risks. There are several risks that are associated with bariatric surgery. Some of the immediate or short term complications include: internal bleeding, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism among other complications. Certain conditions such as high blood pressure increase the risks of these complications (Kini & Rao, 2012). However, demise after bariatric surgery is quite rare. A study of 157,000…

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