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  • Essay On Lymphedema

    Both computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging show a distinctive honey-comb pattern within the lymphatic system that helps differentiate lymphedema from other potential cancer-related causes of edema such as deep vein thrombosis [19]. Lymphangiography was used extensively in the past as an imaging technique, but it is associated with inflammation, scarring, and atrophy of the lymph vessels that can further impair lymph transport capacity. [19]. Lymphoscintigraphy, the method…

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  • Root Cause Analysis In Nursing

    The LPN silenced the alarm, failed to notice the B/P was declining, and did not report it which allowed the patient to decline further. Lack of knowledge by staff to investigate whether a deep vein thrombosis had occurred and then not reacting to it might have caused more respiratory distress. Nonchalance towards alarms or becoming complacent. The LPN should have investigated why the alarms were sounding and reacted to it instead of letting the patient…

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  • Intraindication: Electrocardiography And Pulse AXIS

    Indications for left IJV : oRight sided prior cannulation oRight sided scarring on cannulation site oRight sided thrombosis / Devices APPROACHES: There are three approaches for IJV cannulation central, anterior and posterior. Central approach - Commonly used Position: supine or slight trendeleberg. Needle Puncture site is at apex of triangle Approximately 5 cm…

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  • Ventilator Associated Trauma Case Study

    VENTILLATOR ASSOCITAED PNEUMONIA Hospital is an institution which provides medical and surgical treatment where nurses care patients in order to improve their health condition. Despite that sometimes, patients’ may develop infectious disease while receiving the health care facilities through various invasive procedures. Nosocomial infection is infection which is acquired in hospitals setting to the admitted patient which may come in sight after 48hours of admission or within 30days of…

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  • Ischemic Colitis Research Paper

    The condition I have written about is ischemic colitis. Ischemic colitis (IC) is inflammation of the large intestine (colon). Ischemic colitis occurs when there is reduction of blood flow to part of the large intestine (colon), because the blood vessels (arteries) have narrowed or blocked, which then decreases the amount of oxygen to the cells in the digestive system. IC is also known as mesenteric artery ischemia, mesenteric vascular disease, or colonic ischemia. The most dangerous…

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  • Effects Of Augmentative And Alternative Communication

    thrombotic stroke, a clot is formed in one of the arteries directly connected to the brain. The clot causes a disruption in the flow of blood. Thrombotic strokes can be divided into two smaller categories, large vessel thrombosis and small vessel disease. Large vessel thrombosis is a disruption to blood flow in a larger brain artery. Small vessel disease is an obstruction to a smaller blood vessel (Ischemic Stroke,…

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  • Barrier Dressings In Nursing Essay

    drainage or germs near the site, and recover the site to catch drainage and keep the healing area away from open air. Especially over time, it is important for the nurse and patient to frequently change the dressing in order to monitor for signs and symptoms of infection and to promote healing as the edges begin to close. The other priority treatment of ambulating four times per day is important in maintaining physical ability and to prevent further issues due to an operation. The perioperative…

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  • Edwin Hubble Research Paper

    Edwin Hubble was an famous American astronomer who contributed many discoveries and new ideas to the field of extragalactic astronomy during his lifetime. He is regarded as one of the most valuable astronomers from the 20th century. Edwin Powell Hubble was born to Virginia Lee Hubble and John Powell Hubble in Marshfield, Missouri on 20 November 1889. In 1900, his family moved to Wheaton, Illinois. As a child, Hubble was gifted both intellectually and athletically, excelling in baseball,…

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  • Osteomyelitis Case Studies

    stream from an infection of another body system (McCance and Huether, 2014). The pathogen invades the bone and elicits the inflammatory response (McCance, and Huether, 2014). For bone tissue, this includes engorged vessels, active leukocytes, thrombosis of small blood vessels and formation of an abscess (McCance, and Huether, 2014). For the bones of children, the exudate reaches the cortex and forms the abscess, which in turn lifts the periosteum off the bone (McCance, and Huether, 2014).…

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  • Type 1 Diabetes: A Case Study

    is increased as the body starts to produce low level of insulin and glucose is eliminated in the form of urine. Weight loss, frequent urination, excessive hunger and thirst are the common symptoms of type 1 diabetes. (Brown & Edward, 2012) DVT: Thrombosis is the homeostatic mechanism by which the blood coagulates or clots, an important process of hemostasis after the creation of the wound. Red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets are the sites of thrombus formation is the valve cusp of…

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