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  • Nursing Case Study: Estelle's Plan Of Care

    many aspects must be taken into consideration, such as the prevention of infection such as lung infections like pneumonia, the development of UTI due to having a Foley catheter in place, prevention of muscle wasting, and development of Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) (Arenella, 2014). The plan of care for Estelle would also include…

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  • William Gibbs Reflective Model

    a medical history of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and left total knee replacement. Mr. Browne is admitted to surgical ward for right knee arthroplasty (total knee replacement). This paper discusses the role of the nurse in preventing deep vein thrombosis in both Pre and post-operative care. The paper is presented using Gibbs reflective cycle, which was developed by Professor Graham Gibbs (Wilding, 2008). The Gibb’s reflective cycle have 6 stages namely description, feelings, evaluation,…

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  • Emergency Room Summary

    Eighty-two years old male patient is presented to the emergency room with onset of dyspnea that is made worse by exertion, relieved by rest and oxygen. Patient stated that he did not try any of his home breathing treatments but did use home oxygen. Patient has a significant past medical history of coronary artery disease with two stents, COPD requiring home oxygen at 4lpm, hypothyroidism, and type 3 diabetes. While in the emergency department the patient was placed on a cardiac monitor and an…

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  • Medication Errors While Staying In Hospitals

    Most patients face medication errors while staying in the hospitals. All that could happen is someone misplace the decimal and that could be a life threatening mistake. To avoid this mistake, before getting checked on or even going into surgery make sure that she tells the doctor her exact medicine or over the counter medicine that she takes on a daily basis. Sometime to make it easier patients can stick all the medication they are taking and put it in a bag and bring it with them to the…

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  • Hillcrest Convalescent Center: Case Study

    Agency and Audience Hillcrest Convalescent Center is a long term facility and a rehab center with a capacity of 147 beds. More than two thirds of the beds at Hillcrest Convalescent Center are reserved for patients who are undergoing rehabilitation following a surgical procedure. The facility has approximately 96 Medicare certified beds. In addition to Medicare and Medicaid approved patients, Hillcrest Convalescent Center does also admit patients with private insurances. A great portion of the…

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  • Gibbs Reflective Cycle In Nursing

    that their safety is my concern. However, I will reassure my patients also that they can have a shower as soon as they become stable because immobility can also be another risk factor for complications after surgery such as bed pressures, deep vein thrombosis and chest infection. Assessing the situation properly will give me valid and justifiable rationale whether it is time to mobilize the patient after surgery to prevent complication due to immobility and hasten their independence for quick…

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  • Venous Thromboembolism Essay

    According to NICE (2010) “A UK survey suggested that 71% of patients assessed to be at medium or high risk of developing deep vein thrombosis did not receive any form of mechanical or pharmacological VTE prophylaxis”. The guideline emphasized the need for mechanical or chemical prophylaxis especially for post-surgical patients because these are the patients who have significant reduced…

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  • Registered Nursing Case Study

    This essay will be based on a case study that focuses on a registered nurse and the care that was given to one of her patients which will include patterns of knowing and bioethical principles, which should have informed the nurse about the possible actions she could have chosen for a possibly better outcome for the patient. Four elements of negligence that must be met in order for the nurse to be considered legally negligent. Along with the (NMBA) nursing and midwifery board of Australia 's…

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  • Essay On Balloon Angioplasty

    CORONARY STENTS Before stents were used, balloon angioplasty was used to treat narrowed coronary arteries. This involved inserting a very thin, long, balloon-tipped tube into an artery where there was a blockage. The balloon at the tip of the catheter was inflated to compress the blockage and restore blood flow. It was then deflated to remove the catheter and balloon but because no support was left at the site of the blockage, in some cases, the artery collapsed. This is why small stents were…

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  • Vete Case Study Essay

    Question 1 What are her risk factors for developing a VTE? (Identify all factors) Answer to Question 1 The risk factors that predisposes Mrs. X to develop a venous thromboembolism (VTE) are: advanced age, malignancy (cholangiocarcinoma), trauma (multiple falls), and recent major livery surgery (Schwartz & Rote, 2014, p. 1048-1050). Patients who are in their advanced ages are at risk in developing a VTE due to slower blood flow in their veins (Schwartz & Rote, 2014, p. 1048). Additionally,…

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