Medication Errors While Staying In Hospitals

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Most patients face medication errors while staying in the hospitals. All that could happen is someone misplace the decimal and that could be a life threatening mistake. To avoid this mistake, before getting checked on or even going into surgery make sure that she tells the doctor her exact medicine or over the counter medicine that she takes on a daily basis. Sometime to make it easier patients can stick all the medication they are taking and put it in a bag and bring it with them to the hospital. Patients don 't want the doctor to mess up their medication or it could harm them. Make sure the patient ask questions after being treated or after surgery. If the patient is uncertain of the medication the doctor or nurse has, tell them to ask what …show more content…
It is one of the more significant risk after surgery. It is the development of a blood clot typically deep in the veins of the patients legs. The trauma of surgery itself also increases the blood 's clotting tendency. Without the proper treatment, the odds of getting DVT after a big surgery are 25%. Always ask about the risk after having a major surgery done. Never be afraid to ask about the risk about the risk of DVT after any surgery. The sooner you can move around, will lower the risk of DVT. Bleeding after surgery is another hospital risk, it causes problems of its own. Make sure that the patients doctor knows every medication, vitamins, supplements that the patient uses. Aspirin and Ibuprofen can cause your blood to thin. It is a good idea for the patient to stop taking this medicine a week or two before their surgery. Anesthesia complications are quite safe these days. Before going under, ask meet to with the patients local anesthesiology team to talk about the patients options. It is also good to go over the benefits and the risk of each one. Some patients have allergies to certain anesthetics. If the patient feels they could be at risk, they could get test done before the

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