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  • Family Dynamics In My Family

    because I was the youngest and the only one still living at home. My mom was usually the one home because my dad still worked out of state for a short period of time until he could find a job…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Trip To The Grocery Store

    he started to drive to the grocery store. At the time I was under the illusion that my dad would be even slightly happy to see me, but no. That naïve thought was ripped away when the first words that he yelled my way where, “why have you been telling everyone your bullshit lies!” I froze for a moment. What is he even talking about? I thought. “Everyone has been bitching at me saying that I haven’t been coming home and that…

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  • Traditional Family Values In The United States

    Families in the United States evolve over time. It seems now traditional family values are changing more often, whereas in the past values were meaningful and everyone lived by them. In our society today, there have been an increase in diverse family, partial upbringing of children, economic changes within the family and reproductive technologies. Marriages in this generation usually end in divorce. Usually in recent decades those who get married end up divorce months or years later.…

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  • Ghetto Narrative Essay

    and all of us have gained some weight since we arrived in the village. The date is February 13, 1943 when Sarah informs us of some terrible news. Pastor Andre Trocme has been arrested by the Germans for hiding Jews in the church. We are instructed to stay in the cellar until the Germans leave the village. While in the cellar, my family and I spend most of our time praying. We pray that we do not get caught and we pray for the kind residents of this village that are risking their lives to help…

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  • Analysis: The Call Of The Wild Buck

    has its challenges which have there ups and downs. In the Call of the Wild Buck is taken from his lovely and caring home. And now he is a mistreated, starved, underestimated, sled team dog who so little care about. In contrast to buck, My dad had to go through pain and fight to stay well and healthy. He had to put himself through many challenges just to stay alive. While my dad and buck are very different they both encountered struggles, deaths, mishaps , and pain but they made it. Everyone,…

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  • Clarissa And Chris From Lifeguard Analysis

    Chris in both stories is that they come from rough backgrounds.You can make the inference in Lifeguard ”Dad came by the pool last week.” “The jerk, I thought. Serve him right if one of theses days I walk up to the viewing room, shove open the door and pop him one right in the mouth”; Chris's dad came to the pool, but he is not impressed seeing his dad, since he is only in the viewing room. His dad is not personally talking to him, only viewing him while he is swimming. Which says alot that…

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  • Conflict In If I Stay

    Conflict: The problem in the book If I Stay is that Mia is struggling on what she wants to do, she really wants to be with her boyfriend and her grandparents and all them, but God knows she has that little urge to wanna go back with Teddy, and her mother and father. It's a very hard decision, if I was in that situation I wouldn't know what in the world to do..but I guess you never know what will happen, what would you do if you got in a terrible crash and you had to choose whether to go to…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Softball At Alpha Park

    My dad, uncle, aunt, and a couple of family friends did softball at Alpha Park once a week in the afternoon. My cousin, Jordan, would always be there. During the games, we would play “house” or “the invisible game” or we would simply walk around wanting to pet all the dogs. On some occasions, although rare, my cousin, Brandon, would take Jordan and I to the playground equipment. On this day, Jordan and I were probably playing one of our usual games. These games could include strollers,…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Auschwitz Concentration Camp

    walking home from school and I heard the roar of German planes…

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  • Traditional Beliefs About Motherhood

    I recall when I started going to some of my friends’ houses and I saw they had both a dad and a mom. Some of my friends had two working parents; while others had one. In some families the dad worked and in some families the mom worked. I was not knowledgeable on gender roles, and did not know about the “traditional family”. My mother was single and did everything a mom and a dad would do. She worked and came home and cooked and cleaned. She took out the trash as well as barbequed on the Fourth…

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