Yemen To California

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Yemen to California All who live in California today have a story of how they got here. Some families have been in California for many generations while some have only been here for a couple months. Some have come to California easily and others struggled to get here almost reaching their breaking points. Some immigrants were discriminated against and some were hated just because they were migrants. The point is that we all have our own story to tell of how we got to be where we are today.

My father’s uncle was the first to enter the United States and the only person who helped my father into the United States. My father’s journey to California started when his uncle, who lived in Ohio told him of the golden opportunity he would have if
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When my dad arrived to New York he then took a bus to Ohio where he was finally able to see his uncle. My dad stayed with his uncle in Ohio for only two days and then set out on another bus to Lodi, California where he had to find a hotel to stay in and then look for work. Both of these were things he struggled greatly with because he didn’t know anyone in California and didn’t know how to speak English besides a few simple words. Those few words surprisingly got him a job picking asparagus for a couple of weeks until he set out again to Sunnyville, California. In Sunnyville is where my dad found another job in the fields picking apricots and peaches. He stayed there for about two months. He worked in fields in other places in California like, Modesto, Sherlock, Porterville, Merced, Madera, Stockton, and Delano. He then went to Los Angeles to look for a job and got hired as a dishwasher but got fired that same week because of not being able to speak the language. After getting fired from that job he still managed to get another job as a dishwasher in the cafeteria of Caltech in Pasadena. He worked in many different positions but mainly was constantly switching from being a dishwasher to working in the fields in many different cities. After going from switching on and off with different jobs he had finally saved up money to buy himself a …show more content…
He went through a state program called the ME6 program that trained people in the areas necessary for them to work where they wanted to. There he learned construction and started working on homes and hotels like the Disneyland Hotel. When he turned 27 he went back home finally after being gone for so long. When he went back home he Married my mother and only stayed in Yemen for about six months before he started with his journey back to California. He worked in construction for three more years and then returned back to Yemen for about eight months where he saw his first born son for the first time at two years old. He went back and forth and would stay a couple of years in California and then return for only a few months in Yemen for about four times. While going back and forth he worked in construction for twelve years. The fourth time when he went back to Yemen he had finally saved up enough money to bring my pregnant mother and four other siblings to Bakersfield, California where he had already bought a

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