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  • How Daycare Changed My Life

    When I was born on July 21, 1998 my mom had me at Mt.Sinai hospital at 4:10 p.m. The hospital doesn’t exist anymore. My mom was accompanied by my dad and grandma. The rest of my family was out in the waiting area. My father named me after my mom which is Kay. I never really cried a lot. When I was a couple months old I use to go to church with my dad on Sunday. When I was two years old I went to a daycare called Childhood Develop Enrichment Center. The daycare was really fun, even though I was…

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  • Comparison Of Regan And Liam's Parents Struggle With Gender Roles

    show love, compassion, patience for their family. Not only they need to be dedicated and take responsibility for the family. Regan’s dad, Mr. O’Neill, wants to be the traditional “normal” family where the wife doesn’t work (stay at home mom), the son is bonding with the dad and doing “manly” things, and the daughter doing house work such as cooking and cleaning. Her dad failing to realize the option to have a normal family is not available because there are so many problems that are being…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The First Child

    both young and under the care of their parents. My mom told me that when she found out she was pregnant, her feelings weren’t nervous or scared, but instead happy and excited. Dad told me that everyone was pleased with the fact that they were going to have a baby. My parents also explained the reactions of my grandparents. Dad said that my grandma was excited to have her first grandchild. He said that he expected a much angrier reaction the the one he received. They both didn’t expect their…

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  • Personal Narrative: Substance Abuse In My Family

    At that young age, I had no idea what the start of my life would contain. My mom, my brother, and I were happy and care-free at this time. She was a stay at home mom and our dad worked at the prison. My mom would wake up every morning, turn on cartoons, and begin making us breakfast while we were occupied, and spent the entire day with us. My dad seemed amazing as well. He would be at all athletic and school events even though he worked the nights before. He played…

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  • Influence Of Family In My Life

    influence in a child’s life. From the moment you are born you depend on your family for everything. Protection. Provision. Love. Your very first relationships are with your parents, your first loves are your parents. When I was around three years old, my dad left. At the time my little brain didn’t understand what I did to make him not want me anymore or why he didn’t love my mom anymore. What could a daughter do but love her father so much he wanted to abandon her. After…

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  • Payon-Personal Narrative

    housework and my dad was out golfing. This scenario was typical for a Saturday afternoon, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. That’s what I thought anyways. I jump as I hear the screen door slam! At the time, I assumed Caleb and Taylor, my littlest siblings, were home from the swimming pool early. I was, sadly, very wrong. The sight of my father leaning against the hallway wall made me feel out of place. He was sweaty, his body shaking, with a pained look on his face. My dad is a funny man,…

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  • Personal Narrative: You Are A Product Of Their Environment

    For the first few weekends I spent at my moms house, it was okay. She drank like usual until she passed out on the couch, but at least she was home. Unfortunetly her being home with me on her weekends came to a halt. The majority of my weekends with my mom were spent with a babysitter. This pattern continued for a few years. In 1997, my mother was admitted to an inpatient rehab facility for drug addiction and…

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  • Owl's Nest Research Paper

    ready to go home. My four friends and I were making our way to the owl’s nest a place where good students got rewarded for excellent behavior but we were not going there as good students but as marauders ready to jump at the first sign of loot and reward. The plan was simple the four of them enter with 2 empty bags and I stay out as a look out. I had made a morse code with them when I would knock on the door certain amounts of times they would know if it is safe or busy. They enter and I stay…

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  • Testimony Of A Person Who Grew Up In The Church

    fact that I am his. I had a hard childhood my father was in the cold war and when he returned home he was not the same as before he left. He was no longer able to fully function in society. He went from being funny and loving to being someone who did not trust anyone. I would hear stories about how people loved to be around my dad. And that my dad loved to be around people. But this changed after he came home. My mother said his condition was too much for her and she divorced him when I was 7…

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  • College Student Personal Statement

    My dad has been a plumber since before I was born, and still is. He worked for a small local business for approximately ten to fifteen years. My mom was taking college classes while also being a stay at home mother to my two brothers and I. When I was eight years old, my dad was fired from his job due to disagreements between him and the new owner. My dad was really good friends with the previous owner, but when he retired his nephew took over the business. The nephew immediately fired my dad,…

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