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  • Family Values And Family Structures

    times a year for Christmas, thanksgiving and beginning of summer. My family only gathers one to two times a year, mainly Christmas and occasionally thanksgiving. All her family lives and are pretty close to each other, while my immediate family doesn’t stay in touch with my extended family, socially or geographically (Kottak 374). We both came to the conclusion that we have a nuclear family, because we both are very close to the ones who live with us (Gonzalez 35). Staying in touch with our…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Woman Who Changed My Life

    similar to me, I still have thought of my friend named Thomas I considered him my best friend. Thomas helped me get better at my English, by the following year I was starting Elementary as a kindergarten. Fast forward 10 years, I moved into my first home at “El narajal”. Although I missed my old neighbors I met new people in my new neighborhood and up to this day I still live in my…

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  • Personal Narrative: Mrs. Eileen Miller

    On the other side, my dad had a special humor. He always had something to say about something and he definitely had a personality similar as I do. I still remember how he used to call me “Piggie” because I guess he did not like calling me Eileen. I always felt a stronger connection with my dad and he was the person who I could always relied on. I feel really grateful that I had such caring and hardworking…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Family Values

    It was really heart breaking, when my dad heard the news I was standing in the threshold of my room door at 142 W Hamburg st in Baltimore, Maryland. I watch my 6 foot 240 lb. father dropped to the ground like a baby who needs their mother. He wept for weeks, until he coped with it by understanding that he moved on to what we all looked forward to heaven. My mom didn’t have any reaction a all from my point of view and I was devastated because I never say my dad cry an because our pastor died. I…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Skill Of Reading And Writing

    States was different and new; I went to school not knowing English, I didn’t have any friends and most of all, I struggled trying to comprehend my teachers. I was eager to learn English and to be able to write. Before I came to this foreign country my dad would travel to Nicaragua which, is where I’m from he’d bring toys that would prepare us to learn this new language that would later on give us so many opportunities. Once everything was prepared for me and my family to come to the United…

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  • The Memory Game

    The game is over when all the cards have been matched. The player with the most matches wins. Game pieces: The only thing you need to play this game is several pairs of cards.These cards don’t have to be store bought they can be made at home. Box Decor: The Box for ‘The memory game is plain but shows us the objective and how the game should be set out, it shows us that there is animal, shapes, foods and plant cards within the box, tells us there is 72 cards and that the game is for…

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  • Mrs. Havisham And Narcissism In Charles Dickens Great Expectations

    Pip is born into a poor family. Both his parents died and he ends up being raised by his sister and her fiancé Joe. Eventually he meets Mrs. Havisham who believes pip has potential. She sends him off to boarding school to become a gentleman. Pip falls in love with Estella an orphan Mrs. Havisham is raising. Estella takes advantage of him causing pip to get involved with a lot of circumstances that caused him to fall ill. Years later pip see Estella again and they forgive each other and resolve…

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  • Narrative Essay About Going To Japan

    I have seen in the magazines?”. Surprisingly my dad told me we are going to stay in Japan for a month with my grandma and grandpa in Sapporo where many fresh meat is being made locally. Day before the journey begins, I realized this will be my first time riding a plane as well. This frightened me because I am afraid of heights. I fixed this by reading a book on how to not be afraid of heights while riding the airplane (This is funny because my dad thought I was ridiculous). After a few hours in…

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  • Personal Narrative-Up In Flames

    backseat just like they always would on long road trips. My Dad, with his dark chocolate locks and his amazing mustache that I always loved. And my twin brother Emery with his bleach blond hair just like mine always covering is beautiful bright blue eyes. Later that evening after we had all unpacked and after the boys woke up from their five hour cat nap, I decided to go with Mom to meet our new neighbors next door while Emery and Dad ordered in from the nearest pizza place they could…

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  • Epilogue Examples

    Although, Brother Benjie usually brings these kids here when his boss calls for him; this time is a bit special. Today is December 5 and these kids will stay with me until over Christmas. Scratch that, until over New Year. Exactly, their father won’t be coming home before this year ends. Sad, indeed. As for me, being left out, that’s quite normal. See here, I am just an orphan. I studied quite diligently, worked for years and was able to save a bit.…

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