Losing My Cool Essay

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Different books can show you the importance of something that we’ve showed little attention too, or never thought of how different our lives could be without a certain thing or person. In two different books I’ve read it has showed me the importance of growing up with a father, and growing up without a father. Both books include a character that leads to success, one book also has a character that has a fallout and ends up with the opposite of success. The two books are Losing My Cool written by Thomas Chatterton Williams and the second is The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore. Having a father can give you someone to look up too, guide you, and help you throughout life. “What he hoped was that if he could somehow just make reading and studying appealing enough to his boys, eventually we wouldn’t need his prodding anymore and we’d do it on our own. To that end, he made sure not to dangle punishment over our heads.” (Williams 27.) He’s explain that his father wanted the best for his children, and he would do whatever he could to make sure they get it. His dad wanted to make sure that someday his children would be able to handle their own lives without needing the help of him. The book The Other Wes Moore has two different characters named Wes Moore, one with a …show more content…
His dad wanted Thomas to stay away from the streets so that way he knew that he would always be okay. “All Pappy ever wanted to do in life was distinguish himself, to be a man capable of commanding respect in a world that was madly hostile to anyone who looked like him. He didn’t keep it real; he kept his name out of the street.” (Williams 92.) Even though Thomas knew how much his dad wanted him to stay off of the streets, he was still continuing to end up there. Whenever he met a girl named Stacey he would say that he brought home “shame” because he knew how his father would feel about

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