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  • I Want A Wife Essay

    The place of women is a heavily debated issue today. The conservative side of the argument contests that the primary responsibility of women is to raise a family in the home, and they should be more concerned about their family than their career. The liberal argument believes that a woman is the same as a man and should be able to choose whether she pursues a career while being given the exact same opportunities and treatment as men in the workplace. In her article, “Why I Want a Wife,” Judy…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Ten Year Of My Life

    The most intense ten minutes of my life occurred this past fall. It was September 24th, the time was about 12:30pm. These ten minutes will stay with me for the rest of my life. They have made their mark on my family and I, and have changed our lives forever. I was just awaking from the crazy night before. Our high school football team played a great game, and some friends and I stayed out late celebrating. I had my fake baby in my room with me for my child psychology class. It woke me up a total…

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  • Reflective Essay On Independence Day

    I will never forget the awkward car rides home after I told him I didn’t want to stay anymore. I will never forget my mom coming to pick us up, and the feeling of relief that it was time to go home. I will never forget any of those things, but the thing I will always remember the most will always be telling my father that I didn’t want to see him anymore. I asserted my…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: We Were Always A Happy Family

    happy. My brothers would always talk about leaving with one of the parents to get away from me. It would never happen so good luck. I began to grow into my early teen years (middle school). I started noticing a lot more problems between my mom and dad. They began sleeping in separate rooms and…

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  • Melissa Desiree Camberos

    because my dad was shot so she left to stay with him .She never high school diploma she has tried recently to get her GED but work keeps her away and tired when she is off. My dad didn’t work while they lives together he went through all of high school but he didn’t graduate. Anyways they lived in that apartment for a year until my parents went to Iowa and my mom returned pregnant with me. I was born June 10, 1998 six months later my parents separated my mom moved to Arkansas with my step-dad…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Adventure To Florida

    The Adventures to Florida It was a hot summer morning, my mom was at work, while my dad was at the house purchasing plane tickets. I had no idea that we would be going to Florida this summer. As much as I wanted to be excited I wasn’t. It was a tough decision I had to make with myself because if I wanted to be on the volleyball team I had to stay and commit to volleyball camp. The only thing that really upset me was that our trip to Florida was on the same day as volleyball camp. Having to…

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  • Traumatic Brain Injury: A Short Story

    Poor little Millie doesn’t want to stay at the hospital. You need to toughen up, girl! ~ Relief washed over Millie as she and her father walked into the blustery night. Wind and rain pounded against them as they pushed through the front door to Hanna waiting in the living room, “Well, what…

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  • How To Write An Essay On How Divorce Changed My Life

    and dad, went swimming at my aunts. It was a great day until my dad called my sister and told her to go check on our mom, they had just had a really big argument. Since I was only 8 they did not explain to me what was really going on. Later that day my other aunt, her daughter, my sister, and my mom picked me up and told me we were going to spend the night at my cousin’s new house. Only the night, turned into days, and days turned into months. Months I spent without seeing or talking to my dad…

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  • World War I: How I Changed My Everyday Life

    I was a boy that was 18 years old and from America in 1918. My family was impacted pretty good by the war.My cousin and my dad was drafted with my two other brothers.My mom and I had to stay home and help with the home fronts.The people that stay home did many things like taking on jobs or businesses.They was many industries was closed like my dad's industry because he went to war. It change my daily life a lot.The reason why is because I never had time to take off and spent time with my…

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  • Antiquated Gender Roles

    child abduction, the Brazilian court overturned the case, and forbid him from seeing Sean. After Bruna died in 2008, Silva won custody of Sean. Goldman tried to take back custody of his son, but the courts stated that it would be better for Sean to stay with Silva for his “personal and emotional development.” The court also decided that David would not be able to visit his son. However, in 2009, Sean was sent back to his father in the United States, but not without the media circus his maternal…

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