Compare And Contrast Moms House And Mom's House

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Mom’s House Versus Dad’s House

Two houses seems great right? It is sometimes, but other times it’s kind of a hassle when they are not much alike. As a child of divorce, having two houses is no big deal to me, but both houses are totally opposite. I can now see why they were not able to stay together just by the way they run their households. The houses totally oppose each other in every single way except for one. I stay at both my mom’s and dad’s houses at different times, the rules are very different, my bedroom and the whole house are different, but the love and care I receive in both houses is very alike.

I got to pick the custody as to where I live and when. My dad lives in Walcott and my mom lives in Davenport, so they’re not
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They’re completely different at both houses though. I’m completely in love with my room at my mom’s house. I spend a large portion of my time in that room, only coming out for food and drinks. There’s a TV and a lot of other things in that room that keep me entertained for a large portion of time while I’m there. My room at my dad’s consists of almost nothing but a bed, a desk, and a dresser. It just has what my dad would consider the essentials for my room. I don’t have a TV in there because he doesn’t want me up too late watching it on school nights. I also don’t have a makeup stand in that room because my dad believes that I shouldn’t even be wearing makeup. The rooms at both my mom’s and dad’s houses do have one similarity, and that would be that I sleep in them. Other than that, the rooms are totally …show more content…
My mom likes her house clean, so I clean there quite often. At my dad’s house he believes that our house is his tool shop, so I let him deal with the cleaning that rarely gets done. We also don’t eat supper there much because my dad isn’t much of a cook, and I don’t tend to get home early enough to cook most nights due to cheer and other afterschool activities of mine. When we can’t, or just don 't, make something at home we go out to eat instead, which probably isn’t very healthy for us. At my mom’s though, she cooks a lot. It’s usually just simple things, but I don 't mind. At my dad’s house we’re rarely at home, but at my mom’s house we’re usually home a lot. Also at my mom’s house I have one dog, two cats, and a fish, but at my dad’s house I have no animals. He does insist that we’ll get a dog when he moves all of his tools into the garage, but I doubt that’ll happen any time in the near future. The one thing that’s extremely comparable at both houses is that I feel very at home in both houses due to living in each house most of my

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