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  • The Bible: The English Word Prophet Amos

    A prophet is a person regarded as an inspired teacher, or proclaimer of the will of G-d. “The English word “prophet” comes from Greek and literally means “spokesperson.” This further provides meaning since the prophets were “messengers of G-d”. In Hebrew the name עמוס (Amos) means laden, burdened, carried, and brave. In the Old Testament, a person named “Amos” besides the prophet is never mentioned. Out of all of the prophets, “Amos is the first of the “writing prophets,” that is prophets whose…

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  • Religiosity Of Worship

    Worship is defined as “The feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.” Before this course I always thought it was just the slow songs at church that always came before the sermon, I now understand It to be a way of life. King David was an incredible symbol of worship both in his time and ours, and is particularly significant in how we should view worship. The way that we worship, as Pentecostal Christians as apposed to Anglican Christians is very different as they are very…

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  • 1 Samuel 25 Summary

    The biblical book of 1 Samuel lays out the foundation of some of ancient Israelis most famous and influential kings, describing in detail the rise of king David, and the reign of his predecessor Saul. However, while presented as Israeli history, the tales of Samuel possess a clear bias in favor of King David, as the text attempts to exonerate him of any wrongdoing during his rise to king. 1 Samuel 25, a small excerpt from this larger kingship narrative, possesses important social and literal…

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  • Similarities Between The Gentle Rebel And Indian Horse

    Gentle Rebel and Indian Horse: really not gentle at All Gilbert Morris’ book The Gentle Rebel and Richard Wagamese’s Indian Horse are two stories that are very close in comparison. The fascinating protagonists of the book have grown stronger through much conflict throughout the book. In the end of the novel, the characters are much physically and mentally stronger than the beginning. Both novels deal with the loss of a personal friend or family member. The constant reminder of death is…

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  • David And Goliath Essay

    David and Goliath Growing up in rural Minnesota has had it’s disadvantages. But it has also had it’s advantages. Just like what Malcolm Gladwell highlights in his book “David and Goliath: misfits and the art of battling Giants.” Having a childhood in rural Minnesota was not always as wondrous as the magazines make it out to be. There is a lack of communication, a lack of connection and the nearest convenience store is 10 miles away. This made it hard to connect with people who lived in Urban…

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  • Compare And Contrast Saul's Life And The Philistine

    Saul reigned over Israel for forty-two years. Saul chose three thousand men from Israel; two thousand were with him at Micmash and Bethel and a thousand were with Jonathan at Gibeah in Benjamin. Jonathan attacked the Philistine camp at Geba and the Philistines heard about it. Saul blew through a trumpet and all of Israel heard that Saul attacked the camp and Israel had become unpleasant to the Philistines. The Philistines were ready to fight Israel with 3,000 chariots, 6,000 charioteers, and…

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  • Restorith My Soul Analysis

    Where do you think you can look but up, when you are standing knee deep in the gutter of life? We are all aware of some of terrible sins King David committed. King David was a man after God’s own heart. but even with David’s close relationship with God he committed some very terrible sins. But just like King David we have access to forgiveness and mercy. King David knew where and who was his only source of forgiveness and mercy. Psalm 121:2 2 My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven…

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  • The Book Of Ruth Essay

    The book of Ruth fits into the redemption. “The book of Ruth opens with the death and loss of life and ends with a star-studded genealogy (Acosta). Boaz is Naomi and Ruth’s kinsmen-redeemer. He preserved Ruth which also meant preserving Naomi’s life. Boaz foreshadows the future redeemer which is Jesus Christ. Ruth is added into the genealogy of Jesus Christ. The characters…

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  • Tel Dan Stele Analysis

    The Tel Dan Stele was discovered in Northern Israel. It was found in three different fragments in 1993 and 1994. The pieces were found by Avraham Biran. The pieces were found apart because they were being used as building stones rather than their original purpose. The inscription is in Aramaic. It was most likely written in the late ninth century BCE and then used for its secondary purpose as building materials. The text is a description of an Aramaic King’s victories. These triumphs are…

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  • Evaluating King David By David Bosworth

    The article I will be evaluating is “Evaluating King David: Old Problems and Recent Scholarship” by David A. Bosworth. At the time David Bosworth wrote the article he was a Professor at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. The article appeared in the Catholic Biblical Quarterly in 2006. The article addresses the controversies of King David. The Books of Samuel have caused the reputation of King David to come under question. The consequences to King David’s reputation have been caused by…

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