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  • Zechariah In The Old Testament

    The name “Zechariah” means “the Lord (Jehovah) remembers.” In the Old Testament this name is used over twenty-nine times. Zechariah was a postexilic prophet during the restoration from Babylon. He was born in Babylon from a priestly family that returned to Jerusalem with some 50,000 other exiles. Like Jeremiah and Ezekiel he was both prophet and priest. Jewish tradition credits him with being one of the Great Synagogue, a body which is thought to have gathered and preserved the sacred writings…

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  • The Memory Keeper's Daughter Character Analysis

    Everyone faces tough decisions in their lives; some decisions are more life changing than one would think though. Dr. David Henry in ¨The Memory Keeper 's Daughter¨ delivers his own children. Twins were unexpected, but having one of the twins born with Down Syndrome was even more of a surprise. David Henry had grown up with a tough life; he had a sister with a heart condition, and she had died at an early age. He watched his parents grieve over his sister´s death, and he decided to make…

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  • The Importance Of Space In The City Of Jerusalem

    God requesting a house from David and asks for David’s future son to build it in exchange for making his future son king: “...I will raise up your offspring after you...and I will establish his kingdom. He shall build a house for my name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom for ever” (2 Samuel 7:12-13). The agreement made between David and God, during David’s reign, presents a differentiated aspect compared to Saul’s reign and God’s full endorsement towards David being king. Due to…

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  • D-History Unit 3 Summary

    exile and shows the exile was caused by the unfaithfulness towards what was laid out in the book of Deuteronomy (“Meta”). Unit Three focuses on five main parts: the land, conquest and settlement, the rise of kingship and the aftermath, the rule of David and Solomon, and the division of the monarchy. The first major part of the D-History that we must come to understand is the Land of Canaan. The area was numerous “many micro kingdoms, each ruled by a king in a fortified capital city,” which later…

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  • Similarities Between David And Goliath

    Old Testament story of David has found its way into the many hands of sculptors across the world. In their way, these artists depicted the body of David, shaping and sculpting him into a symbolic figure of their time. The bible 's story of David and Goliath was a notable symbol of the light overcoming the darkness that influenced numerous years of commissioned art in the city of Florence Italy. The real question is why were there so many sculpture representations of David throughout the history…

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  • Essay On King David

    away from God. The people are warned what would happen if they were given a king to rule them. Saul was chosen to become king but the most the people rejected him from the start. After Saul’s sin, God anoints a new king to one day take his place, David. David will become the better king over Saul. After David’s reign, another king takes charge and divides the Israel due to his sin against God. God has plans for everyone; people are given the option to follow God’s ways. When man goes against God…

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  • Struggle For Superiority In Handel's Saul

    In a section of the Handel’s Saul, adapted from the Hebrew Bible, comes a struggle for superiority between two people: David and Saul. During a big fight called the Battle of Philistines, David the leader of Israel’s side fights against the Philistines. David defeats the Philistines by using a slingshot to kill the leader with a slingshot as opposed to a sharp weapon such as an arrow or a sword. He also has slain ten thousands while Saul has only slain thousands. Saul sees David’s success as a…

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  • King David Praise

    Praise Before there was King David, there was King Saul and his son Jonathan. Although Saul had his flaws, as we all do, he had been a mighty warrior and defender of the Israelites. He lived in a time when the Philistine city states on the Gaza plain were subjugating the Israelites who lived in the hills. The book of Judges is full of Philistines running roughshod over the Israelites, and part of the initial success was their iron age weaponry. The Israelites were still in the bronze age,…

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  • The Idea Of Kingship In 1 And 2 Chronicles

    of the same story. The story of King David. The first telling of the story of King David is in 1-2 Samuel through first and second Kings. The story begins with Saul being anointed as kings, Saul was Gods first chosen…

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  • Christian Fathers Research Paper

    Christian Fathers The word father carries the idea of a nourisher, a protector and an upholder. Perhaps we will never know the depth of our father’s love or the extent of the sacrifices that he makes for his children. So much of his time is spent providing food, clothing, and shelter that there is hardly enough time left for his children; however, fathers love deeply. Commonly, a mother’s love is more visible; yet, fathers love their children unreservedly. In the event of serious mistakes…

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