Analysis Of Nestled Within The Book Of Ruth

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1. “If God is so loving, why do bad things happen to good people?” A. Have you ever heard someone say this? B. It is commonly thought that God causes humans to suffer. C. The Bible, however, gives us reasons to believe otherwise.
2. Nestled within the book of Ruth is the story of Naomi, a story which illustrates what really causes suffering. A. After leaving Judah for Moab, Naomi’s husband and two sons died there. B. When Naomi returned to Judah 10 years later, she felt that God had troubled her.
3. In this lesson, we aim to expose this story and see what truly causes humans to suffer.
I. Suffering is caused by man’s imperfect decisions (1:1-5). A. During the time of the Judges, Elimelech left Israel and went
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Moab was a traditional enemy of Israel. b. Moab’s gods were opposed to the God of Israel. c. Would you have gone here in Elimelech’s situation? C. After arriving in Moab, Elimelech’s family encountered trouble. 1. Elimelech’s two sons married Moabite women. a. Intermarriage was forbidden for the Israelites. b. Moabites were not allowed to enter the assembly (Deut. 23:3-6). c. How often do people take unneeded risks and pay for them later? 2. Elimelech and his two sons died in Moab. a. Instead of dying in Judah among their own people, they died in a foreign land. b. Elimelech and his sons left Naomi and their two wives alone. D. Despite his good intentions, Elimelech caused his own problems. 1. He left the Promised Land for the land of Moab on his own accord. 2. His sons married foreign women. 3. He and his sons perished in foreign territory. 4. We can see how mankind causes its own problems. a. How often do people make poor decisions and blame God? b. How often do people blame others for their poor decisions? c. Understandably, sometimes fate plays a role; but it is usually mankind that creates its own problems, not God.
II. Suffering is caused by man’s poor attitude (1:13,

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