The Pros And Cons Of King David And Solomon

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Register to read the introduction… His son and successor Solomon is most noted for advancing David’s kingdom and for building the First Temple. In fact, according to Abba Eban (1999), author of over half a dozen historical reference books on Jewish history as well as the PBS television series “Civilization and the Jews,” “Solomon’s Temple was the crowning glory of a building program that rivaled those of the Pharaohs” (p. 50). Archaeologists claim to have found remnants of Solomon’s Temple as well in the form of a tablet dated tenth century B.C.E. (Carpenter, 2003, p. …show more content…
in Bethlehem, Judah (Castel, 1985, p.87). He grew up the youngest of eight sons of Jesse, and has been linked with the Ammonite royal family (Rogerson, 1999, p.78; 2 Samuel, 10: 1-2; 17:25-7). As a teenager David joined the entourage of Israeli King Saul as a minstrel and harpsichord player. It was during this time period that he first gained notoriety when he defeated the ominous giant Goliath armed with a mere slingshot. In 1 Samuel 18:20-30 it states that with a dowry of 200 Philistine foreskins he married King Saul’s daughter Michal. Unfortunately, David’s marital bliss was cut short by the jealousy of his new father-in-law. Already a seasoned warrior David was praised as a military force with songs proclaiming “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands” (Rogerson, 1999, p. 78). While fleeing Saul’s armies to the south, David accomplished a great many military victories alongside his former enemies the Philistines, as described in 1 …show more content…
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