Summary: The Most Important Events In History

There are a large amount of events that have happened in history that have either shaped who you are as an person or our country as a whole. In eighth grade we learned about the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, slavery, the Constitution, etc. One of the many things we learned about in eighth grade was slavery which has impacted me the most. To think that people were owned by other people to work for them for very little money is heart breaking. Many people think that slavery ended in 1865 when the 13th Amendment was ratified but really it never ended. Learning about slavery last year opened my eyes up to what is going on in our world now. According to Ark of Hope for Children, in 2014 there was about 1.5 million human trafficking victims …show more content…
Last year I lost my grandpa, the father of my dad. When I found out that my grandpa passed away, the tears streamed down my face as I realized I probably would never see him again. I still have some hope of seeing him again someday, but I don’t think he ever accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. Yet again you never know someone 's heart. The weekend before he became very ill, I was supposed to go the nursing home to visit him, but I opted out. I thought I could just go see him the next weekend, but that wasn’t the case. Since this happened, I have learned to not take every day for granted. Also, I never told him about Jesus myself - my parents did but I didn’t. We need to spread the word about Jesus to everyone, even if they may get mad or reject God. It hurts a lot not knowing for sure if my grandpa was saved or not. Knowing that I had the chance to tell him about Christ just hurts me even more. When I was younger I would always say that I would tell him about Jesus when I was older but he got diagnosed with alzheimer 's when I was ten. As the years progressed his alzheimers got worse and eventually he couldn 't even put a whole sentence

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