Slavery In Frederick Douglas, Sojourner Truth And Harriet Tubman

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Slavery was one of the darkest clouds in American history! It makes me cringe every time I think about what African-Americans had to go through during that time. Not only were the slaves themselves dehumanized but the owners themselves did not act normal because of all the power they had. Slavery is something America will never be able to wash their hands of, but it gave us some of the bravest Americans you 'll ever meet in Frederick Douglas, Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman. Slaves were considered property not in any way, shape or form human beings being auctioned off to their owners. Slaves not only had a price on your head they were many times separated from their families and nobody cared. That was just the start of the misery for many of them with no rights whatsoever. Their workdays were up to 18 hours in brutal weather conditions, a very poor diet and little to no healthcare was provided and to add insult to injury if they did not comply with their owners’ demands or did …show more content…
Slavery is by far the worst thing that has happened in American history there is nothing good about it for the slaves or slave-owners. The slave-owners might have had all of the power, but they were as much dehumanized as the slaves because they changed their morals and how they acted with the slaves versus their friends. The acts that slave-owners committed were criminal and absolutely nuts. Many slave-owners raped and had sex with their slaves and if they got pregnant their babies would be sold no questions asked. Even though the slave-owners had all the power there is absolutely no way they didn 't have some sort of conscience when they committed these heinous acts against slavery and until the day they died they had to live with the things they

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