Arguments Against Abolition

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One of the biggest controversies in world history, slavery was such an issue here in America that it ignited the Civil War. Slavery has been practiced even since Old Testament times, and it was finally abolished here in America in 1865. Throughout that time, many arguments for and against slavery surfaced. Defenders of slavery had all kinds of justifications for their behavior, saying that slavery was the natural order of things, that the abolition of slavery would bring utter chaos, that slaves were being introduced to Christ, etc. Abolitionists, however, believed in African-American rights and equality. Personally, I disagree entirely with slavery, and it appalls me that it was ever a commonly-accepted practice.

Defenders of slavery had
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Abolitionists believed in equality and nondiscrimination, and they pushed for those ideals to be implanted in society. Anti-slavery efforts were in full swing in America in the 19th century; abolitionists used many techniques for ridding the country of slavery. Newspapers and organizations attempted to open the public’s eyes to the reality of slavery.

Personally, I completely disagree with slavery. It boggles my mind how anyone could ever believe they had the right to “own” a human and treat them as property. Moreover, I believe that no one should ever be considered lesser because of their skin color. It saddens me that something as atrocious as slavery could ever have been practiced as freely as slavery was.

In conclusion, I disagree entirely with slavery, and am saddened by the fact that it was ever practiced. Slavery was one of the biggest controversies in world history, and was argued both for and against fiercely. Defenders of slavery attempted to outwardly justify their actions and abolitionists fought against them with the same ferocity. I pray that we will never again begin nationally practicing something as horrible as

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