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  • Kluger's View Should We Preserve And Visit Places Such As Auschwitz Analysis

    Discussion Questions 1. In Kluger’s view, should we preserve and visit places such as Auschwitz? What arguments speak for and against it? What is your opinion? In Kluger’s view, we should not necessarily preserve and visit places such as Auschwitz. The author explains her views while talking to graduate students. The students claimed that, “Preservation was a form of restitution” (p. 64). Although they agreed that no one liked the touristy action of people gawking at Auschwitz, they stated…

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  • Health Care Experience

    I was the lead coordinator responsible for organizing health camps in my Public Health posting during my internship. We had held camps in the rural village near Pune, India and provided free dental care to the people. I have also participated and presented seminars and health talks in collaboration with international organization like ‘Rotary Club of Kanpur Metro’. I also volunteered as a dental assistant…

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  • The White Tiger, By Aravind Adiga

    Globalization and Indian Traditional Family Value System “As people get older, they get married, have kids. I’m not married. I don’t have kids, so I’m able to focus 100 percent on this,” said Steven Lopez. When people have family, they have to responsible for them, hence it means sacrificing their times, and interests. In The White Tiger written by Aravind Adiga, family is clearly illustrated as a factor that traps Balram in the “Darkness.” Balram has to follow what his family told him to, and…

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  • Comparing The Wolf In Charles Perrault's The Little Red Cap

    Argument Both Charles Perrault’s short story ‘Little Red Riding Hood` and Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s “The little Red Cap” are fairly tales about a wolf and a young girl. They seem to be one but have continuously changed over a period of time. This can be attributed to the modern adaptations of circumstances and readings. The story was published first by Charles Perrault. The story is of a little girl called Little Red Riding hood. The name originated from the red hooded cloak that she wore.…

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  • Symbols In Robert Frost's 'Dance With Me Essay'

    DANCE WITH ME: A COLLECTION OF DRAMATIC POETRY TABLE OF CONTENTS: The Prologue CHAPTER I: RECOLLECTIONS OF A LITTLE BOY & SOJOURNS ON THE BEACH So You Want Subversive Eh? " Outdooring—A Naming Ceremony For An Eight Day Old Respect Not So My Brother?—A Tribute Last Day The Kelewele Seller The Man On The Beach Life Through The Eyes Of A Ten Year Old A Mango Thief Searching Water CHAPTER II—WORK ETHIC: Adinkra Symbols A Vagrant The Drum The Son Of A Coffee Farmer Hands Of An…

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  • HSBC Case Review

    NGOs (Earthwatch, WaterAid and WWF) which will help us understand the water problem globally by studying water challenges by doing scientific research, safe water and sanitation and freshwater harvesting. This initiative is our most ambitious project so far as 65 percent of global population by 2025 will live in water scarce region. We, as a global local bank want to understand the main factors which affect freshwater quality and tackle them expeditiously. Strategies the bank might have to…

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  • Mid Day Meal Scheme Program Analysis

    Introduction As 21st century Indians, we have more than enough reason to be proud of the strides our country has achieved over the past few decades, in technology and science, medicine, agriculture, finance and the arts, to name a few. However, it is important to remind ourselves that we do not rate high on the Human Development Index of the 2014 Human Development Report (HDR); India is ranked 135 among 187 countries. This is mostly due to the miserable condition of our education, health and…

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  • The Child In Alison Bechdel's Fun Home

    but at that moment in time such a claim is a bold one. The destiny of the Child, to carry the legacy of humanity into a presumably ever-righteous future, is plainly and squarely rejected by Alison far before she realizes the consequences for doing so. Alison’s dismissal of the reproductive fate inevitably shackled upon her by both society at large and those around her is an indelibly political act - “political not in the partisan terms provided…

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  • My Own Educational Background

    My Own Educational Background Working in a secondary school environment, there are often moments throughout the academic year that I find myself reflecting on my personal journey through education. It seems incredulous that on one hand, so much about student life seems to have changed and yet on the other, almost nothing at all. Looking back on my educational experiences to date, I believe that I am fortunate to be able to recall the memories fondly. A large proportion of my education was spent…

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  • Effects Of Technology In Education

    an Educational Technology professor at Newcastle University in England, found that children do not even need instructions in order to figure out how to use a computer and learn from it. After six months, Tamil-speaking children in a South Indian village with no prior access to technology were able to score 50 percent on a biotechnology lesson which was entirely in English. Mitra concludes that “[children] can learn to use computers and the Internet by themselves, irrespective of who or where…

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