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  • Pest Analysis Of Southwest Airlines

    Southwest Airlines founded in 1967 by Rollin and Herb Kelleher is one of the largest airline in US.Its headquarters in the Texas, US which started its service in 1971. They are running in profit continuously for 41 years from 1973-2014.There core values are  South west customers are king for them  Providing short point to point service without or no hub connection.  Providing the highest customer service and giving them free and equal treatment to all.  Building friendly & cordial…

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  • Delta Airline Industry: A Case Study

    The airline industry is one that is highly competitive and challenging. In 2005, Delta filed for bankruptcy protection. However, it managed to emerge out of it. Delta realized that in order to gain success in this industry, they had to fix their business and operating model. In a business, one is often faced with opportunities and challenges. However, a business has to know how to leverage aspects such big data, analytics and visualization technologies because these are the things that will…

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  • 9/11 Case Study

    Delta Airlines The tragic event of 9/11 caused a crisis across many business spectrums, but one area was affected greatly; the airline industry. September 11, 2001 is a day that airline executives, employees, passengers, law enforcement, government officials, and the general public will never forget. Over 3,000 people were killed in the terrorist attack where, 19 terrorist belonging to the group al-Qaeda hijacked 4 US aircraft belonging to United and American Airlines (Timeline, 2014).…

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  • SWOT: Etihad: Marketing Analysis: Market Analysis In Airlines

    Analysis through SWOT Strengths Etihad has been among the world’s leading airlines and have Abu Dhabi as its corporate hub. This has a location advantage connecting the local inhabitants to other countries of the world. (Hasan, 2014) This airline is completely owned by the government of Abu Dhabi, which entirely takes care of its funding through which the airlines is flourishing well and investing in new services. The airline has always been known for the provision of best hospitality…

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  • Air Asia Case Study

    Air Asia is the biggest airline company in Malaysia which have fleet size and destination. According to the history of Air Asia in Jump Start Malaysia: The Air Asia Definitive Guide to Malaysia, Truly Asia, the company established in year 1993 and begins to operate since 1996 to present. It was founded by government owned conglomerate; DRB Hicom. Unfortunately, in 2001, the company was heavily in debt. It was then bought by the former Time Warner executive; Tony Fernandes who owned the Tune Air…

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  • Indigo Airlines Swot Analysis

    BUSINESS MODEL Indigo Business model Indigo is India’s fastest growing domestic airlines. It has the highest load factor of 89.40%. The mission statement of indigo clearly indicates their business model: To be the best airline in India by providing the following values to the customer: • Affordable fares • On-time performance • Hassle-free service The strengths of Indigo include: Business Model, High Brand Awareness, Cost Leadership, innovation, Age of Equipment, etc. Indigo has Low Cost, not…

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  • AVSECO Case Study

    It is due to the development of the industries benefited from 3RS. The whole aviation industry such as airlines, ground handling agents, cargo operators, aircraft maintenance, catering and etc… will be extending their services and recruiting more employees in all ranks. It will further put pressure on AVSECO in terms of staff retention as well as recruitment…

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  • London Heathrow Airport Research Paper

    London Heathrow Airport or Heathrow is the major International Airport in London, United Kingdom. By International passenger traffic, Heathrow is the second busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic, also busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic and the seventh busiest airport in the world by total passenger traffic. In 2016, it handled 75.7 million passengers. Heathrow is one of six airports with scheduled services serving in London area. Heathrow is owned and…

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  • Ktch Airlines Case Study

    5.1 CRM Implementation at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 5.1.1 Brief history: 1919 – Dutch Queen grants the 'Royal' attribute to KLM and foundation of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 1921 - KLM starts its own fleet of aircraft and pilots 1971 - KLM head office established 1988 - Takeover of Netherlines airline 1989 - 20% stake in Northwest Airlines 1991 - KLM Citihopper formed 1991 – KLM increased its stake in Transavia from 40 - 80% 1996 - 26% share in Kenya airlines 1998 - KLM and Malaysian code share…

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  • Airport Operator Case Study

    CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW Strategic Brand Positioning for an Airport I. Airport Brand Creation: The Needs and its Outcomes An Airport is a very complex facility. A lot of bodies work together for the success of and smooth operations of an airport one of those bodies are the stakeholders, all the stakeholders have an important role in ensuring that the customers are having a good experience. But such experiences are majorly or directly linked to the airport operator.  Figure (2.1) The…

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