Aviation Headsets Case Study

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Top 20 Aviation Headsets by Plantronics and Sennheiser
When you talk about buying aviation headsets, the quality of the product makes a huge difference. In addition to that, users need to focus on the quality factor and then make a decision about whether you should purchase a particular headset or not. Once you look at the top rated companies manufacturing the best aviation headsets, you would see Plantronics and Sennheiser at the very top. These two companies have been producing state of the art headsets for the aviation industry for a very long time. Here are the top 20 aviation headsets by Plantronics and Sennheiser.
Plantronics MS50/T30-1

This is a high quality headset that has been used by some of the best pilots for a long time span.
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This Plantronics Aviation headset has everything to offer that aviation professionals look for. It offers extremely clear communication between the pilots and air bases. The device is extremely comfortable and has an attractive appearance. This headset has multiple wearing styles so that pilots can make a selection according to their suitability. Quality noise cancellation is nothing less than a necessity for aviation professionals. The MS 200 has a highly reliable noise cancellation feature and aviation professionals can fly comfortably without any form of background …show more content…
It is suitable for aviation professionals as it has quality noise cancellation and audio quality options. Plantronics SHR2082-01
This headset is recommended for people who are a part of the aviation industry. Aviation professionals can comfortably perform their professional duties after wearing this headset without getting disturbed by any form of noise as the headset has noise cancellation facility.
Plantronics SHR2638-01
This amazing headset has state of the art sound and audio quality features. Pilots can have 100% communication with the base. The headset has comfortable soft pads on the speakers which makes it pleasant to wear. This headset has a reliable facility for noise cancellation. In other words, users do not even have to think about getting disturbed by background sounds.
Plantronics SHR 2376-01
This is a state of the art wireless headset that fulfills all the modern day aviation requirements. The SHR 2376-01 blocks all types of background sounds through effective noise cancellation. The device is extremely comfortable and has soft thick leather padding on the speakers. This makes it easy for the user to use this headset for long durations.

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