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  • Airline Porter's 5 Forces Analysis

    “The Industry Handbook: The Airline Industry” could not put the aspect of the airline industry better. There is a lot of competition on airline market. During the recent years there were some events that were no good for this industry therefore it affected the domestic and international services. Before most of the airline industry was owned by government and it still is in many countries but all of major airlines in U.S. had become privet. The substantial impact on airline industry has route…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of Yield Management In The Hotel Industry

    Yield Management Yield management originated in the air craft industry back in the end of the 1970. People’s Express startet the new trend, and sold their tickets at a lower fare than the competing airline companies. To not lose the price conscious customers to People’s Express, the competing airline companies followed this trend and sold cheaper plane tickets to the price conscious. This is the most important principle in yield management; to sell the right product to the right customer to…

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  • Elasticity Of Travel Trends In The Air Travel Industry

    Travel analysis and trends A good analysis and understanding of the travel features and trends of the passengers is very important to build up a successful business model for airlines. In the following, we will try to discuss this topic from the aspects of elasticity of passenger demand, popular destinations, mode of transport and the booking patterns. 1. Elasticity of Passenger Demand At the present time, the competition in the air travel industry is becoming more and more intense. The…

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  • Revenue Management In The American Airline Industry

    in the 1970s and practised mainly within the airline industry, also known as airline yield management (Cross, Higbie, & Cross., 2009). Smith (1992) described revenue management as “selling the right seats to the right customers at the right price” (as cited in Schuessler, 2010). In the late 1980s, the hotel industry adopted this practice from the airline industry, with a similar objective to increase revenue. The implementation of RM by American Airline, which achieved an increment of US$1.4…

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  • Immigration Vs New Immigration Essay

    The progressive era was a time in history when America acquired the highest number of immigrants. Millions of settlers from southern and eastern European countries migrated to the United States. Most newcomers entered the country legally by sailing across the Atlantic Ocean on ships or boats. Several migrants arrived to America illegally due to costly expenses or impatience for the immigration process to be completed. They lacked jobs in their countries, so they traveled to the land of…

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  • Spanner Supply Inc Case Study Essay

    UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON-DOWNTOWN SCM3320 Fall 2017 Student: Mohamed Kouanda Professor: Jonathan Davis Case Study #2 1.Spanner supply Inc is facing high transportation costs which is hurting their margin. Ernesto who is the transport manager, is using Air transport as much as Ocean which is not efficient. As he mentioned, they use air to expedite hot orders and Ocean for Full Container Loads. There is an unnecessary use of air shipment since SSI does not order in advance is forced to rely…

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  • Harrier Jet Case Study

    The legal issue in this circumstance is of the contract and its validity. The first factor to consider is to determine if a contract even exists. The drink company implied, through a commercial advertisement that if an individual earned seven million company points, they would be rewarded with a jet. It needs to be determined if this was an offer made in the advertisement. The individual saw this commercial and did, in fact, reach the 7 million company points. He then wrote to the company and…

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  • Southwest Airlines Culture Case Study

    Southwest airlines have long been a successful airline company and has landed top ten in FORTUNES most admired companies multiple years in a row. Southwest is widely known for sticking to their original success formula that consists of serving no meals (only snacks), charging no fees to change same-fare tickets, consisting of no assigned seating, it has no electronic entertainment on their planes, simply relying on persistently fun/outgoing flight attendants to entertain their passengers. One…

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  • Business Strategy Case Study: Delta Airline

    Introduction/Background: The impact of the airline industry prevails throughout society. Delta is a major airline that provides jobs for over seventy-five thousand employees and acts as an oligopsony. In order to maintain a competitive edge, Delta must recognize problems and develop effective solutions. Various problems faced by Delta not only include competition with airlines such as JetBlue and Southwest who offer customers low prices but also the potential of the loss of business due to…

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  • Porter's 5 Forces Airline Industry

    profit. Some businesses use airlines for business-related trips while others use them to ship different items. Individuals mainly use airlines for leisure purposes or for emergencies. Whatever the reason may be, airlines prove to be a necessity for buyers because they are fast, efficient, and convenient. Although airlines do have all of those traits, there is not much product differentiation throughout the industry. No matter what flight one takes, all of the airlines are still very similar.…

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