Crewmembers And Crewleaders Case Study Crewmembers and Crewleaders
Being a pioneer in many aspects, JetBlue coined the terms “crewmembers” and “crewleaders” to replace “employees” and “managers” as these titles better fit its brand and culture. All members of the organization are considered crewmembers, each dedicated to fulfilling the organization’s mission of delivering unmatched customer service through personal interactions and technology. Crewleaders work in close contact with its crewmembers to aid and guide its teams to success. JetBlue prides itself on having a high-trust culture that empowers all crewmembers to be a part of the solution that betters the organization and improves services for its customer. ("Culture is the DNA of the Company" - An Interview
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By utilizing the survey results to influence its business decisions, JetBlue continues to meet and surpass its customers’ expectations, and surpassed its competition in the meantime.

6.1.6 Strategy
JetBlue has been digitally transforming its customer-facing, environmental, and internal businesses since its establishment in 1998. Its concrete core values and mission statement to better serve its customer have acted as the foundation to its digital transformation through the years. ("Culture is the DNA of the Company" - An Interview with JetBlue's SVP of Talent, Rachel McCarthy, 2017) Assumptions
Given that JetBlue was founded and commenced service less than twenty years ago, it can be assumed the organization does not, and did not have many legacy systems that could hinder or complicate digital transformation across the enterprise. Not having to augment or develop special processes may have allowed JetBlue to propel beyond the timely capabilities of older airlines and members of the travel industry. Customer-facing and Customer
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The airline noticed the old practices of checking into a flight in person was no longer relevant and was an added hassle to the customer. Surpassing the standard of online and mobile check-in, JetBlue implemented auto check-in where the passenger will automatically be checked-in to its flight 24-hours prior to the departure time, assigned a seat and sent a boarder pass without ever having to log into a computer or mobile application. This service has processed over 700,000 auto check-ins and is being expanded to more customers. (Brousell,

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