Aero's Marketing Campaign Analysis

The CEO made contact with me to discuss some ideas I submitted to him about Aero’s marketing campaign. He informed me that he and the board are ready to begin moving with a selective unveiling in the North American market. They would like me to hear everyone’s concerns and or suggestions and develop an effective marketing campaign for Aero. In this paper I will evaluate and analyze what is needed for the success of unveiling Aero’s new models in the United States. In the following paragraphs I will discuss; pros and cos of using Aero’s customer base, Aero technology advantage, and the media selection plan.
Pros & Cons of Using Aero Customers Base
The first website I reviewed was This website is a platform that allows
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This website discuss different resources that are offered to capitalize on the effectiveness of word of mouth marketing when done right. They focus on three pillars which are the following; Influencer and Advocacy Marketing, Research and measurements, Ethics and compliance. The pros of using this organization is they offer guidance, education, and advocacy. The con of becoming a member it the membership is costly and it is no way to try out the organization to see if it is effect for Aero’s mission. However, one is able to sign up for webinars free of charge. This would be a great way to get some of the word of mouth marketing knowledge without the $4,500- $10,000 membership fee.
Aero Technology Advantage
We will capitalize on Aero’s technical advantage by allowing the existing customers to test drive their vehicles so they can develop an honest opinion about the new models. We can also allow those customers that has been faithful and loyal the ability to switch out of their current model and test the new model for a week or so. This will also allow people to see the car out and build momentum and curiosity.
Educating currently customers on the new models may raise interest with them to either purchase for themselves of a special person in their lives. Customers will feel important by being able to test the new models first. Also, everyone wants to have something before it comes out. Opening an early sale to customers ready to purchase
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Also the key players concerns were taking into consideration and applied in the appropriate areas. As a result I was able to develop an effective marketing campaign for Aero. I have included the following; pros and cos of using Aero’s customer base, Aero technology advantage, and the media selection plan. Aero is positioned perfectly to have a successful releasing of their new automobile models. Utilizing social media will allow Aero to track success. They can do this by developing a hashtag that will be used during the duration of the marketing campaign. This way they can track the hashtag and see how many people the campaign is reaching through word of mouth. Facebook has a great analytical tool to track insights. As long as Aero work strategically following this plan they will have a

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