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  • Vaslav Nijinsky Accomplishments

    ballet pieces wasn't always widely accepted by the audience and caused controversy. The productions Jeux and L'après-midi d'un faune had sexually suggestive scenes--one involved a flirtatious interation between three male dancers. During production, Sergei Diaghilev suggested that the interaction would be between two females and one male dancer but Nijinsky continued with his idea. Also, his production Till Eulenspiegel received negative reactions from the audience because they didn’t agree with…

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  • Stravinsky Accomplishments

    In comparison to other notable composers of Western art music, Stravinsky enjoyed one of the longest careers, actively composing for nearly seven decades. Having reached critical acclaim for his work in The Firebird in 1910, Stravinsky continued to compose for the next sixty-one years, during which numerous world-changing events took place. Also, throughout this time, Stravinsky was exposed to a variety of cultures, having migrated to multiple places around the globe in the interest of…

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  • Classical Ballet Essay

    Historically Paris finds a new art scene after the war which is incorporated into the set, narrative, and ballet. Within in the story there are three ballets, one at the beginning reflecting Paris after tragedy; a panorama of dark streets with breadlines. The second concluding act I, is to Gershwin’s second rhapsody and connects the charterers’ narratives together. The largest is the finale piece. They wanted to ballet to be a part of the narrative and made it a collaborative effort between the…

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  • Louis XIV: Learning About The Dance Of Ballet

    For this submission I decided to choose to learn more about the dance of Ballet. I’m not really a big dance person, but the dance of ballet has always intrigued me because of how beautiful and elegant it is. Ballet originated in Renaissance Italy. It started out as a dance used at balls and social gatherings. Ballet was the acceptable way and proper etiquette at these social gatherings. There were a lot of rules that went along with it, such as when and how to bow, step, and the distance from…

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  • Dun Huang Dance History

    Dun Huang is a city in the Gansu Province of western China, and was one of the key cities on the “Silk Road”, the main trade route between China and the rest of Asia and Europe. Dun Huang is famous for many things, including its caves, which are a famous example of Buddhist art. Silk Road style dance, also known as “Dun Huang Dance”, was inspired by the art inside of those famous caves. The origin of Ballet dance can be traced to the 15th century Italian Renaissance courts, and later developed…

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  • Comparison Of Rite Of Spring And Appalachian Spring

    Comparison Between The Rite of Spring and Appalachian Spring The Rite of Spring (1913), composed by Igor Stravinsky, and Appalachian Spring (1944), by Aaron Copland, are ballets that center around folk culture. The Rite of Spring suggests a story of human sacrifice and has an overall a harsh and almost disturbing mood. Appalachian Spring tells the story of a new couple celebrating their new house and is lively and happy. The two ballets stem from a common base of folk culture, yet the mood of…

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  • The American Swan Lake Journey

    Swan Lake has been performed throughout the world for more than a hundred years by major ballet companies and famous ballet dancers. It is a satisfying saga of love, longing, betrayal, death, and transcendence, brought to the stage with beautiful choreography and wonderful music. According to Juhasz, although companies have usually made changes to Petipa and Ivanov’s nineteenth-century choreography to suit the aesthetic of the time or a particular choreographer’s vision, all in all most versions…

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  • George Balanchine: Great Effervescence Of Ballet

    George Balanchine Russia's contribution to the great effervescence of ballet in the United States is complete and comprehensive. The master of this long alliance was undoubtedly George Balanchine, one of the greatest if not the greatest choreographer of the twentieth century. Born in St. Petersburg in 1904 in a family of artists from Georgia, Balanchine met ballet and music from the cradle. Trained at the School of Imperial Ballet of St. Petersburg in the best classical tradition, Balanchine…

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  • Forsythe Vs Ballanchine Essay

    The two choreographers draw from stripping down classical movements by investing in the possibilities of what ballet can become. Classical ballet is founded on principles of the body. Some distinctive features include turnout of the outward rotation of the legs, positions of the feet with emphasis on flexibility and the point of the foot. Some of Balanchine’s innovations of classical ballet include the action of the extended foot, the extension of hands to the end of the fingertips, the tilting…

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  • Sergei Prokofief Essay

    Sergei Prokofief (1891 – 1953) An important factor in the film business, being that’s it such a complicated collaborative art form, is working with people that you’ve had good working relationships with on past projects. This is a norm in so many projects. We find directors working with the same actors, cinematographers, editors, produces, and composers, over and over again. A good example of directors and composers: Spielberg/Williams, Fellini/Rota, and Eisenstein/Prokofief. Sergei Prokofiev…

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