Classical Ballet Essay

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Historically Paris finds a new art scene after the war which is incorporated into the set, narrative, and ballet. Within in the story there are three ballets, one at the beginning reflecting Paris after tragedy; a panorama of dark streets with breadlines. The second concluding act I, is to Gershwin’s second rhapsody and connects the charterers’ narratives together. The largest is the finale piece. They wanted to ballet to be a part of the narrative and made it a collaborative effort between the main characters. Adam is the composer, Jeri the set designer, Lise the ballet dancer, Milo the sponsor. The artists’ work is a reflection of how Paris has inspired them. Wheeldon said in the Google talk interview, “The ballet is what makes this show …show more content…
And it draws classical ballet fans to musical, an art form they may not as familiar with. It also has expanded how classical ballet can connect to a narrative, becoming more meaningful to the audience. Classical Ballet was about the physical feats the human body could accomplish, now it is becoming more about storytelling; more connected with the dramatic circumstances. This is hopeful for a the popularity of classical ballet and making it universally relatable to all viewers. Audiences relate with personal stories by placing themselves in the character’s shoes. Analysis the dramatic circumstances in a song for an actor help them relate to their character and audience. Classical art like ballet need this connection and An American in Paris has been a new way to elevate story and dancing. It even has affected the way Robert Fairchild approaches ballets now after being in the show. He said in the Talks at Google interview how he approaches all performances differently since the show, he has found a new way to more fully embody the characters he portrays. Many older art forms are forced to go through transition periods branching out to find new appeal. Tap is searching presently searching for a new outlet. The musical An American in Paris has accomplished blending art styles of jazz, Gershwin, musical theatre, and ballet into one show for audience members to experience and

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