Orpheum Theatre Concert Report

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I attended the ballet Today 's Masters on April 25 at the Orpheum Theatre. This was the first ballet that I had attended as well as my son’s first. I have always been fascinated by the ballet and the talent of the ballerinas. The dancers always show such finesse and tranquil composure during their performances that I wanted to experience that first hand in a live show. I choose to go watch Today’s Masters as it was said to cover a whole spectrum of ballet from classical to contemporary. The ballet did just what it said and it was a full ballet experience. The ballet was divided into five different works with two intermissions. The first work was called Konservatoriet which is a very classical ballet choreographed by August Bournonville. …show more content…
Cerrudo is known to push the envelope towards more contemporary pieces. The first of his two pieces is Second to Last is an excerpt from the second movement. This piece featured male and female couples dancing together. It is set to a very slow minimalist classical song Siegel Im Siegel by Arvo PÄRT which features soft keys on a piano. The couples are doing slow movements and when the piano strikes a key a bit harder the dancers do a move that highlights that key such a sudden kick of the leg. When the couples interact with each other it is slow almost a soft compassionate touch such as when one is comforting a loved one. The next piece from Cerrudo was quite shocking. We went from soft quiet intimate dancing to almost nude males dancing to an upbeat song. The second piece was Pacopepepluto with music by Dean Martine. The stage is set with dark lightning and three different males dance individually to upbeat happy songs by Martine such as That’s Amore. This piece was quite captivating with the liveliness of it. What surprised me the most was that despite it being basically a nude man my four year old did not once make a comment about this during intermission. He just said he really liked that dance because it was happy and fun. Which …show more content…
It is called Inner Layer and is choreographed by Nayon Iovino. Nayon was named by the Arizona Republic as the Best-Up-and-Coming Choreographer in 2015.Nayon enjoys contemporary incorporated ballet and this is definitely notable in this dance. It resembles a human machine. There are three pairs of couples and the set the stage with no music and dancing in very robotic but synchronized movements. What stood out to me was that they were dressed in what I associated with a white collar job, blue button up long sleeves and black pants. The dancers then removed their blue button up shirts and threw them down and then the music began. Then the music had an immensely mechanical feel to it. They looked like a well-oiled machine working in immaculate synchrony and the movements matched the music flawlessly. They even ended up using the shirts as a prop they integrated the shirt effortlessly and it became an extension of them instead of a prop. The dance in the middle is set with more joyful music when they have broken free from their collared shirts. It ends with them putting those same shirts back on and simply walking of the stage solemnly. This dance made me think more of what was the meaning behind it. The machine symbolized to me society. I felt like it was meant to show that we are all just trying to break from the traditional mechanical restraints of modern society. That we

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