Sergei Eisenstein

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  • Film Editing Analysis

    starts to wash her face. The film then cuts to high-pressure water cleaning off a pole. These two scenes match in the way that they both include water and cleaning. The scenes differ in a way that would elicit thought into the viewer into a style of Eisenstein favours and…

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  • Analysis Of Neecha Nagar By Chetan Anand

    As the 69th Cannes Film Festival progresses, an attempt at revisiting the only Indian film to have won Grand Prix there In a year when no film from India has made it to the competition section at Cannes, it is interesting to note that the only time an Indian entry won the top honours there was a year before the country was born. Almost 70 years back, in 1946, Neecha Nagar by Chetan Anand shared the Grand Prix with 10 other films. Among the very first films to follow the approach of social…

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  • Field Of Film Analysis

    The focus is on the significance of the existence of the fundamental principles of architectural design in the field of cinema, it is also intended to support this assumption with certain examples in filmic medium. In other words, with an agreement that basic principles of architectural design can be treated as an apparatus for the design of a film, this comparison will emphasize not only the significant role of architectural basic design elements in the process of filmmaking; but also emphasize…

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  • Documentary Vs Nazi Propaganda

    and manipulate emotions and heighten the suggestive expressivity of the story." Numerous examples of the persuasive effects of music are exhibited throughout the political propaganda films; Olympia by Leni Reifenstahl, Battleship Potemkin by Sergei Eisenstein, as well as in BBC 's nature documentary Human Planet. A direct correlation exists between a viewer 's attentiveness to a scene and their susceptibility to manipulation—successful music directors, such as Olympia 's Herbert Wendt, exploit…

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  • African American Community In Oscar Micheaux's Body And Soul

    Body and Soul directed by Oscar Micheaux established stereotypes that african americans faced during the time period. Colorism within the african american community has been a huge struggle that we as society have dealt with for a long time. Micheaux’s “Body and Soul” visually showed the viewers how society viewed the african american community during this time period. Black performers were not as popular in the film industry and only minimal roles were offered to them which were often…

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  • Propaganda In Fritz Hippler's Film Triumph Of The Will

    Propaganda is essentially partisan information designed to promote a political cause or alignment. Whether it be in the form of posters or film, its goal is to persuade the audience towards a certain inclination. Propaganda is meant to incite a strong emotion or reaction in a person. Though it may seem as simple as creating a captivating image, there is a psychology behind its methods. Every choice made and style used in a piece of propaganda is meticulously planned to target the audience. Some…

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  • Theme Of Mise En Scene In The Great Gatsby

    Director Baz Luhrman’s 2013 remake of The Great Gatsby not only focuses on the chasms between the newly rich and the old money of New York, but also the struggles the characters experience as their secrets are exposed to those around them. The early scenes in The Great Gatsby where Tom’s mistress is revealed to Nick when he is at dinner with the Buchanans and Jordan Baker (9:45-11:03), and the following discussion between Daisy and Nick over her wishes for her daughter’s future and her personal…

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  • Lindy Dance History

    Entertain The Pain! America’s most fearful nightmare brewed like a horror film coming to life in the1930s. Starving families, skyrocketing unemployment in a short amount of time and the stock market crashed in 1929. With people losing their homes even a cent could not save a life. The 1930s was known to be the hardest times of America. Despite the grim decade, music ruled the young and old. In 1938 a traffic of young teens stood in line in front of Paramount Theater to see the ultimate song,…

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