Vaslav Nijinsky Accomplishments

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Vaslav Nijinsky was a Russian ballet dancer and choreographer born March 12, 1889 in Kiev, Ukraine. In the world of ballet, Nijinsky was known as the greatest male dancer of the early 20th century. He gained his popularity and recognition for his intense commitment to characterizations, artistry, and extreme focus on techniques. Those achievements were gained within the time span of nine years—compared to other artists of that time, it took decades or even after their career for their work to be recognized. Vassal Nijinsky was one of the few men who was able to flawlessly execute the technique ‘en pointe’. The classical ballet technique required dancers to support their entire body weight at the tip of their toes with a fully extended vertical foot, making dancers appear weightless.

Nijinsky was born into a home that was heavily influenced by dance through his parents. Tomas Nizynski and Eleonora Bereda were Polish dancers who worked on the touring circuit with the Setov Opera Company. They also performed in circuses, opera houses, and summer theaters throughout Poland and Russia. Since Nijinsky’s parents toured with the company, he was exposed to dance at a very young age—especially since Thomas
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However, his ballet pieces wasn't always widely accepted by the audience and caused controversy. The productions Jeux and L'après-midi d'un faune had sexually suggestive scenes--one involved a flirtatious interation between three male dancers. During production, Sergei Diaghilev suggested that the interaction would be between two females and one male dancer but Nijinsky continued with his idea. Also, his production Till Eulenspiegel received negative reactions from the audience because they didn’t agree with the foreign style of dance and

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