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  • Informative Essay On 9/11 Heroes

    time in America. Finding survivors in the wreckage of the World Trade Center was a daunting task (Stephen Atkins 602). Without the enormous aid from the hundreds of heroes; survivors wouldn 't be where they are today. These courageous heroes would likely be known as the man 's best friend. The heroes are the K-9 rescue dogs. K-9 rescue dogs came with their handlers from all around the world and searched frantically on the night of September 11. At Ground Zero, the dogs worked every day to help in search and rescue with their handlers (McLaughlin, Christine). They played the greatest role in the search for survivors. It was thought to be the largest K-9 search effort ever and one of the toughest…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Service Dogs

    Every day the Facebook newsfeed is filled with videos of dogs performing tricks, playing with children, and getting into mischief. Dog videos on Youtube get millions of views and shares around the world. Owners can take their pets to doggy daycare for playtime, to salons for shampoos and pedicures, and pet stores for holiday outfits. Some people may find this kind of attention excessive, but dogs have always been considered “man’s best friend.” There is another group of dogs, however, who make…

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  • Abduction Of A Child Essay

    investigation. This as well as radio broadcasts being placed out in order to alert the public in an amber alert style situation. At 7 PM that night it was decided to be a true missing persons case and a formal search team was established to search at Kyron. Around that same time Sheriff Dan Staton phoned the FBI in order to alert them of the abduction. Throughout the rest of the night the sheriff 's office attempted to scout out any hiding place within the school, Horman house, and area…

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  • Coast Guard Case Study

    against the Coast Guard for the death of his wife based upon the Coast Guard’s one-hour delay in reaching the boat after he made a distress call asking for rescue due to the bad weather conditions? BRIEF ANSWER OR CONCLUSION Probably not. Under the Good Samaritan doctrine applicable to this case the Coast Guard probably won’t be liable for wrongful death since there are not omissions of failure to act, neither affirmative actions from its part causing Mrs. Moore’s death. FACTS James More…

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  • Character Analysis: Ellie's Story By W. Bruce Cameron

    Paragraph 1, Introduction Ellie's Story is about a search and rescue dog named Ellie. Ellie's Story is by W. Bruce Cameron, who also wrote the novel A Dog's Purpose, Bailey's story, Molly's story, Max's Story, and many other books all based off of A Dog's Purpose. A Dog's Purpose even had a movie made about it. EllIe's story didn't have many main characters. Some of the characters consist of Jakob, Ellie's first partner, Maya, Ellie's second partner, Ellie herself, Albert, Maya’s husband,…

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  • How To Pursue A Career In A Dog Rescue Center

    HOW CAN I VOLUNTEER AT A LOCAL DOG RESCUE Dog Rescue Centers are organizations which shelter the unwanted or abandoned dogs and try to match the pets with new owners. This saves animals who are victims of animal cruelty or natural disasters. They take care of these animals by providing shelter, food, cleaning them, walking the dogs, or cleaning their cages. They also offer veterinary care to the animals so that they can be in good health conditions. These Rescue Centers welcome volunteers who…

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  • Cloning Should Be Banned Essay

    countless of side effects and cloned animals have more health problems. Your cloned pet might not even have the same personality as the original. Though some people may not agree, pets should not be cloned. People should think twice before getting their pet cloned. First of all, it costs a lot of money to clone pets and might not financially be an option for some families. According to a pet cloning company called Viagen Pets, you can clone your “beloved cat for $25,000, or your faithful…

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  • American Pitbull Research Paper

    We as humans, feel neglect. We feel depressed, and we react upon those feelings. We get angry, sad, impatient, and sometimes violent. Everyone experiences it, even animals. The American Pitbull Terrier experiences it the most. This canine faces constant fear from people everyday because of its past. However, most Pit Bulls in modern times are kind and loyal. They’re highly misunderstood animals. The American Pitbull Terrier is actually not a dog breed. “Pitbull” is actually a term to describe…

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  • Essay On German Shepherds

    Today, based on 2006 Kennel Club figures, German Shepherd Dogs are one of the most popular breeds in the United States with 43,575 registrations. In the UK there are currently 12,857 registrations (year 2008) German Shepherds are found working as guide dogs for the blind or the disabled, carrying out police work and guarding duties. They are also used in search and res- cue, therapy and in the armed forces. . These dogs are bred to have an enduring work drive, and unwavering obedience. Of…

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  • Essay On Why Dogs Should Not Be Banned

    everyday. That is the reality for many dogs breeds around the world. There are certain dog breeds that haveus been completely outlawed from whole countries just because of an undeserved, bad reputation. Pit bulls, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, and Shepards, are only a few examples of breeds that have been banned in places like Poland, Great Britain, and many other countries. The banning of these dogs is called Breed Specific Legislation, or BSL. Although many countries have outlawed certain dog breeds,…

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