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  • Search Warrant Research Paper

    who can issue a search warrant, the grounds on why a search warrant will be issued, who issues it, and the people and location to be searched, and items that can be seized. I will also be informing you on who can issue a search and seizure warrant. I have attached a search and seizure warrant. The search and seizure falls under the Fourth Amendment. Let me begin with what a search warrant consists of. It’s a court order in writing. It’s signed by the appropriate judicial authority and conducted by a law enforcement officer. Telling the officer to search a certain area, vehicle, and/or place. Then the officer will bring the search and seizure warrant back to the person who issued it, and those people are…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Search Warrant

    Arrest warrants are issued to allow the police to identify and locate a person, or persons. These persons are usually those who have been previous arrest, released on bail, but then fail to show up to court after their release, in contrast a search warrant allows the police to enter into a promise, in search of evidence or contraband that may be used in an upcoming trial. In order to take possession of an item, and that property to be searched it must be specifically listed in the search…

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  • Assignment 2: Search Warrant Planning And Process

    Search Warrant Planning and Procedures Officer Loe is a veteran Red Team member and is well versed in what is required in this area. Officer Loe was on an extended military assignment for a large portion of this rating period. Since his return he has planned at least seven search warrant operations. Officer Loe understands what is needed in a search warrant entry plan and what areas are likely to create difficulties. He plans for these situations and informs me of them early in his planning…

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  • Search Warrant

    The rule to search and seize someone or/and their home comes from the law, authorized by the government of the particular country. Usually, this type of power is given to the police officers to do a completed checking of the criminals to get them into books as required by the law guidelines. The law enforcement officers give the right to conduct an investigation, make arrests, and perform search and seizures of the person and their belongings. Given this power to the person has to be exercised…

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  • Essay On Search Warrant

    1) First, the officer applying for the search warrant must show probable cause that the items to be seized are connected with criminal activity. Second the officer must show probable cause that the items to be seized are in the location to be searcher. Also a neutral and detached magistrate must authorize the search warrant. To sum this all up, I believe that any search warrant that an officer is trying to get authorized. Must make sure that they have a liable reason to even want to do the…

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  • Importance Of Search Warrant

    executing the task, like, when they conduct their search of a person, an automobile or of a crime scene. To have a better understanding regarding what the police need to conduct the search, in this paper, I will discuss and explain the requirements the police need to conduct the search, like the probable cause requirement, the scope of the exclusionary rule, the value of search warrant as well as the circumstances related to the police search. To conduct the…

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  • Fourth Amendment Research Paper

    their property to be free from these searches unless a warrant is issued on the basis of a probable cause. Such warrants can only be valid if it describes the place to searched and the things to be seized. The objective of this amendment is to protect the citizens from arbitrary government intrusions. To be protected by the Fourth amendment, it is important that a legitimate expectation of privacy is demonstrated. This expectation is not subjective but should be recognisable by the society…

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  • Supreme Court Case: Harris V. United States

    a legal obligation. Moreover, this type of seize is justifiable under the plain view doctrine and does not violate the rights given to the accused under the Fourth Amendment. Hendrix (2013) explains that “in Harris v. United States (1968), the Supreme Court established that anything a police officer sees in plain view, when the officer has a right to be where he or she is, is not the product of a search and is therefore admissible as evidence” (p.159). Subsequently, it then becomes a matter of…

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  • Injustice: Appropriate As Evidence

    "probable cause," meaning there was reasonable basis for the officers to believe that a crime may have been committed when they heard "Some movement inside the apartment.” This justifies an exigent circumstance, where some Courts find a warrantless search or seizure completely acceptable; this is an exception to the general requirement of a warrant under the Fourth Amendment searches and seizures. Exigent circumstances occur when a law enforcement officer has probable cause and no sufficient…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Search Warrants

    Search Warrants It is Saturday and like every other Saturday night you are stuck in the house since your friends failed to invite you to do any activities. You decided to be a little spontaneous and text a couple of your friends along with your local drug dealer. After begging your parents to let you borrow the car you then pick up the weed, and then a couple of you and closest friends all decide to go out to a party. Before you all walk into the house you put the car in park and decide to roll…

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