The Pros And Cons Of Service Dogs

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Every day the Facebook newsfeed is filled with videos of dogs performing tricks, playing with children, and getting into mischief. Dog videos on Youtube get millions of views and shares around the world. Owners can take their pets to doggy daycare for playtime, to salons for shampoos and pedicures, and pet stores for holiday outfits. Some people may find this kind of attention excessive, but dogs have always been considered “man’s best friend.” There is another group of dogs, however, who make valuable contributions to society through the work they do protecting and serving others.
In Saint Malo, France, dogs were used in law enforcement as early as the twelfth century. They walked with officers on patrol in the most dangerous parts of the
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No one is certain how they can tell when a seizure might strike, but most believe it has something to do with smell. These canines protect and calm their human before, during, and after an episode. They’re trained to move objects that could put the person in danger if they fall or begin walking, and also to stay calm and next to their owner at all times, especially during emergencies (Fetty, 13). Their training starts when they’re just a few days old. Volunteers pet, hold, and play with the puppies so that they are used to human interaction. At two years old, they live with a puppy trainer to learn simple commands. They go everywhere their trainer goes. Accompanying their handler at work, the mall, the grocery store, and riding on trains and buses are only a few examples of how they learn to become comfortable and relaxed but focused around new people, sights, and smells (Fetty, 15). Their special training comes in when they learn to recognize the signs of a person about to have a seizure, and then alerting them beforehand. Trainers have dogs smell a specific scent, and then paw, bark, or lightly nip their hand to let them know they need to prepare for an episode. If the person is very young, the dog can be trained to alert a parent or sibling. If the owner lives alone, they can even learn to call 911 by pushing a special

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