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  • Deus Lo Volt Analysis

    In 1095 at the Council of Clermont in France, Pope Urban II gave a speech that would affect the church for many years to come. He declared that church was going to try and get the Holy Land back from the Seljuk Turks in battles that would be known as the Crusades. Since the mid-seventh century, the Muslims had controlled the Holy Land and had prevented Catholics from entering Jerusalem to make pilgrimages. The Catholics saw gaining the Holy Land back as a sacred duty because the Muslims were…

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  • The Fourth Crusade: The Byzantine Perspective

    Second and Third Crusade, it ended up leading to even more tension between the East and West Church. In fact, during the Third Crusade that began a mere 13 years before the Fourth Crusade, the Byzantine emperor Isaac II Angelos made a secret deal with Saladin to delay the Crusaders in exchange for the safety of the empire because he knew that he couldn’t trust the Western Crusaders and his actions were justified as the Latins did eventually turn against the Byzantines. A greek Byzantine…

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  • The Crusade: The Zeal And Zest Of The Crusades

    ‘Crusade’ is a non-medieval Franco-Spanish hybrid that has been considered synonymous to the pursuit of a good cause. The Crusades were a series of on and off religious wars fought between the years from 1096 to 1487 under the authority of various Popes. The Crusades were basically fought for the recovery of the Holy Land. They were ordered by Pope Urban II in 1095, and within months the first Europeans had arrived in the Middle East to rid the Holy Land of Muslims. One story particularly…

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  • Analysis Of Laleh Khadivi's The Age Of Orphans

    The world is an amazing place with amazing people; people who sacrifice morals, rights and lives for the sake of power and prestige and greatness and renown– pursuing them as though they are their own lives running from them and they must capture them at all costs. Laleh Khadivi 's The Age of Orphans (set in Iran) recounts the enduring story of these amazing people and those who suffer under their greatness hunt, focusing on the loss of identity and the effects of forced assimilation through…

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  • The Crusades: The Expansion Of Western Civilization

    The Crusades was one of the most significant “large scale military campaigns to win back the Holy Land from the Muslims” (Backman 313). This happened during a time of religious persecution and a rise of the Christian faith and “proceeded the centuries old struggle for control of the eastern Mediterranean shore” (Backman 313). The Crusades have been seen as a holy war, deemed justifiable through means of religious property; yet others see the Crusades as merely a way to expand the Christian…

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  • Warfare In Religion

    In this essay, I will be comparing the attitudes that Christianity, Hindiusm, and Islam have had towards war, and how it has changed and affected each religion 's development throughout history. The study of warfare in religion is important because the ability of the three largest religions to survive to the modern day is not found in the religious message, but rather in times of conflict, where the foundations for immense growth were laid. Even if these modern religions denounce war and…

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  • The Crusade: The Failure Of The First Crusades

    Before the First Crusades had started, the Byzantine Empire was having troubles protecting themselves from the Muslim Seljuk Turks. The Muslims were able to conquer some of the Byzantines land, as they were able to acquire Turkey and Armenia. As a result the Emperor Alexias went to ask Pope Urban the second for protection against the Muslims. Pope Urban looked at this as a way to gain land for the Christian faith and accepted, he gave a speech calling all Christians to join forces to claim…

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  • The Fall Of Constantinople: The Rise Of The Byzantine Empire

    and were successful in overtaking the city. A second Crusade began when the Muslims defeated one of the Christian colonies that the Crusaders set up, but this time, the Muslims were prepared and did not lose. At the end of this second Crusade, Saladin, who was a Muslim general, started a Jihad, which was an Islamic holy war. Doing this, he took back Jerusalem from the Crusaders in 1187 AD. This led to yet another Crusade, the third one, led by King Richard ‘The Lion-Hearted’ of England, but it…

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  • Political Effects Of The Crusades

    The Crusades that took place in the medieval period between 1096 and 1291 were a series of political and religious wars fought by European countries in order to gain control of the Holy Land. The first call for a crusade was made by Pope Urban II in order to send aid to the Christian Byzantine Empire, which found itself under attack during this period from Muslim Turks. This first crusade lasted from 1096-1102, with the Christian knights taking control of Jerusalem in 1099. In response to the…

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  • Islam In The Usa Analysis

    Islam In The USA And The View Of Islam As A Whole . Islam is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion with over a billion followers. Many Muslims who follow the Islamic religion have been seen as a threat in the USA. Not only have Muslims been discriminated against at their workplaces and at airports but also they have been denied at security checkpoints and protection guaranteed to all other citizens.This sort of misperception towards the Islamic religion…

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